View Full Version : It Was classic Haunted House Warfare!

Jim Warfield
03-27-2007, 11:42 PM
11 teenagers and one Mother. I had to calm them and quiet them in the first room, teenage energy , you know.
As we went through the house we managed to scare the guy in the group that was scaring all the girls , the girls loved this!
He did one of those standing in one spot quivvering back and forth sort of moves, sort of like a cartoon character sometimes is seen doing.
We managed to scare the chicken-guy who hung way back in the rear of the group who really didn't know for sure if someone or something loose in the house had scared him?
He ran to ketchup, screaming his friend's first name, then ran back to the scene of the incident looking around trying to figure it out, totally confused and scared, and of course we scared the girls along the way too and the Mother who was in a state of perpetual awe all the way through this place and will be returning with more than 10, she said, people with her to play hide & seek in here in the near future.
As she was walking away from me at the tour's conclusion I asked her if she went to haunted houses in October ?
She smiled , nodded affirmative, then tipped her head towards my house, smiled bigger and didn't say anything. Maybe she was pretty much struck speechless by the events of the night?
Classic haunted house doings, right here tonight, we had alot of fun and alot of laughs afterwards talking about it all.
Never seen this before tonight, one boy took ahold of a plastic chain I have hanging in a hallway, swung it over the 7 foor high wall and was trying to hit another kid on the head with it.
Give the right human just a pointed stick and he will kill the half the world he can't tame. Aren't we quite the creatures when you look at our species history?

Jim Warfield
04-09-2007, 12:41 AM
We just finished up a busy weekend here and I have mostly repeat customers to thank for it happening.
There were three groups here in just a few nights who have been coming to see my house every year , usually a couple of times in a year.
Of course they always manage to bring some "House Virgins" along for the ride which adds to the festivities.
In the well-lit spooky kitchen I seemed to threaten this one young blonde and she said loudly, (Pointing at her girlfriend standing next to her) "No! DO HER!"
I slowly turned, looking around at everyone else in the room and said, "Right here? Right now? ...... with all the lights on?"
After the laughter subsided I got it going again when I looked at the first girl and said, "You must be....Ms. "PIMP"?
Then when the room was settled down once more I aggitated it up again by saying...."Fifty dollars?"
The "Ms. Pimp" girl quoted me a quick price of $150.oo.
Then I put some angst in my voice when I said, "You see how hard I work here for a dollar!" ?

Thanks to these loyal fans, April is way ahead of last month's figures.
(Last month wasn't so good.)

Mr. Haunt
04-09-2007, 10:18 AM
Jim, sounds like you put on a good show! The girls are the best to scare, they are so jumpy. And if you can get a guy in the groupd scared, just think how he feels in front of his girl friends. :lol:

Mr. Haunt

04-09-2007, 06:12 PM
Sounds good. I cant wait till Halloween comes around so I can post good stories each night.