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05-10-2011, 05:57 AM
Hello guys,

If you have the space, I have the haunt.

!!!Listing of the Complete 3D haunt for Sale!!!

Enough props/scenes to fill up to 15,000 sq ft.

Castle Façade (40’ x 18’);
400 watt Sound system for lobby area;
2 TV monitors with DVD player for the lobby area;
Complete sound system to include 11 DVD home theater 5:1 and enough speaker wire to stretch across 12,000 sq ft for 66 speakers;
Scene/Prop List: Listed in order as currently set-up.
Each animated prop has their own regulator and controllers;
All Dungeon 3D art panels are canvas (11ea 3D panels) and painted by Stewart Smith – scenes like dungeon, forest, swamp, graveyard, cave, spiders, bats;
All skeletons are life size and majority from www.Anatomical.com;

Lobby Area:
Fire place scene with skeleton in antique wheel chair with organ, chandelier w/ candles-skulls;
Foam gargoyle (upper half) hanging over entrance;
2ea life size knights with glowing LED eyes;

Dungeon Rooms:
3D art panel of dungeon scene (8x16);
Animated barrel prop from Distortions;
Star Burst light effect unit;
1ea large skull with glowing LED eyes;
2ea skull columns with faux flame pots inside;
Dungeon weapons/tools/chains all painted to 3D effects;
Animated cellar doors (the ones on cowlacious);
Animated stand up coffin with skeleton;
Animated drop down window with skeleton;
Metal dungeon cage (life size) with skeleton sitting;
Metal dungeon cage (life size) with skeleton standing;
Animated Wheel of Death (rotates) with skeleton;

Forest Room:
Over 20 faux trees (various sizes);
“No Trespassing” sign with cut-off head on top;
3 stage prop trees (very large) ea 8 ½ ft tall;
Old metal fencing(about 20');
Animated wolf from behind trees with sound;
Animated snake with sound;
Animated witch with sound;
Evil Annie prop;
Evil Betty prop;
Large amount of camo netting;
Bolder rock wall (8’x8’x4’);
Rock cage prop with life size skeleton;
Animated head pop out prop with sound;
Animated wolf arm pop out prop with sound;
16 Hanging skulls with 3D paint;

Bat Room:
4 large collapsible painted columns;
Real fiberglass coffin with animated skeleton (torso riser) with sound;
Several latex bats;
Large 3D bat with 8ft wing span;
Full size latex vampire hanging from feet;
Full size latex vampire hanging from feet with animated head;
Dracula Tombstone (upper half);
3D art work of cave (8x16);

Spider Room:
3 realistic life size bodies in cheese cloth and web;
Animated giant spider with dual action (8’diameter) with sound;
Animated spider (jumps);
Lots of flocked spiders painted 3D;
Hairy spider from ceiling;
Skeleton (life size) ;
8 3D art panels (8x16);
Air cannon;

Swamp Room:
Large amount of camo netting;
Bolder rock walls (8’x8’x4’) 3ea;
7ea fiberglass rock props (5’ tall) grey and brown;
Water fall and pond (8’ tall);
Animated skelerector from Distortions with sound;
Animated snake (jumper) with sound;
Animated winged evil dragon from ScareFactory with sound;
3 life size skeletons;
3D art panel of swamp (8x16);

Graveyard Room:
Old fencing (3 sections);
Large amount of camo netting;
Large amount of various style tombstones;
2 life size static zombies;
Animated tombstone prop;
3D art panel of graveyard (8x16);
Old style wood coffin with chains and strobe;
Morgue panel with animated drop down window;
Mortuary scene with animated flying crank ghost;
Air cannon with trigger;
2ea faux flame pots on half columns;
2ea dragon heads with faux flame pots hanging from mouth;

Exit Lobby:
Life size stocks for photo op;
3D art panel of cave scene (8x16);

Various stuff:

3ea 60 gallon air compressors in great shape with 100s ft of air line/hose.
10ea guitar amplifier speakers for props (various sizes);
Black light fixtures, par can fixtures & spot light fixtures (various sizes and types).
Many fog machines (some need work). Lots of spare parts.;
Several laser light fixture (various models & colors);
Web gun from Minion;
Shelf organizer for parts;
Paint spray Gun;
Airless paint gun;
5 gallons of partially used 3D Glow paint (red, orange, yellow, blue, green);
Several roller carts;
Shelf system for parts and storage;
3 refrigerators, 2 microwaves, time clock, bottled water system, several fans, large swamp cooler fan, several crystal heaters and propane heaters;
Over 300 amusement park style 3D glasses with rack system and repair system;
400 watt sound system for outside of building with 4 JBL outdoor speakers;
17’ inflatable dragon with red light eyes and can hook fogger to blow out mouth;
2ea metal fences for security (8’x6’);
Ticket/sales counter with glass front and top;
2ea cash registers;
KIS DT10 ticket machine;
Several shirt hanging floor racks;
Alarm system (new) with 3 entry, 8 window, 1 motion, 1 fire sensors & 1 siren (500ft wiring included) able to notify any phone/pager;
2ea lit/flashing open signs;
Hardened foam Dungeon doors for entrance to ride;
Many fluorescent light fixtures (8’ and 4’);
Flame retardant black stage curtains (20ea) various sizes;
Music & CDs for each scene;
Lots of strobes;
2ea lightning machines;
Various vinyl outdoor signs for both seasons;
Chairs, tables & benches and shelves;
2 person ticket booth with rock style walls;;
Popcorn machine (8oz);
Cotton Candy machine with box of paper cones;
Additional outdoor electrical outlets (over a dozen quad boxes);

I have included lots of pics at my Photo Bucket site here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg65/frightnight_photos/ .
Notice: There are pics of the Christmas season attraction which is a seperate package for an additional $10,000.
I have a lot more pics to add of the 3D haunt theme and hope to update it in the next couple days.

Ride system (track and cars) shown in pics not included.

Price for everything listed above - (TBD after auction ends, see post below)

Get with me if interested. I'll be posting it on ebay soon.


05-10-2011, 08:41 PM
I replied to a member here that contacted me thru a PM but your box was full. I found your email address and sent an email.
Just wanted to make sure you got it.

05-11-2011, 08:01 PM
I had a member ask about what it would take to haul all this....
Very good question and I should have mentioned...
Over 16 years of building, buying and collecting, I was amazed at how much I actually had untill it got loaded in trucks. It's in storage and has been for on;y a couple months (still fresh.....)
It took 7ea 26' rental trucks to haul the items listed above. So I am guessing 3ea semi trailers if bigger rigs where preferred.
This is not a cheap small haunt to say the least.
Go ahead and look at the haunted houses for sale on ebay and SEE what they have.... now look at their price!!!!
I'm not talkin the cheap black plastic and blood slingin crap that's out there. This haunt operated 8 months out of the year since 2004 with returning costumers even during the off season.
This is all the scenes/props from the "Dungeon Haunted Ride in 3D" amusement ride.
As for moving everything, I have the bodies here to load at no extra cost.
Anyway, hope that helps others wondering the same thing.

Thank you,

05-13-2011, 05:15 PM
It's on ebay now.
The price mentioned earlier is void untill ebay auction is over and if package is still for sale.
Here is the link.


05-30-2011, 06:17 PM
Here she is on ebay again and at a lower price. Anyone want to talk, please get with me.