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05-10-2011, 11:45 PM
Course Name: “How to Develop Unique, Creative & Memorable Characters That Separate You from The Pack!”
Class time Friday June 3rd: 12:00PM to 4:30PM FREE LUNCH!
To register, log on to www.midwesthaunters.com under pre-show seminars, title is Acting/Make-up Seminar (by Geoff Beck).

Exciting new acting seminar at MHC this year! This hands-on acting workshop brings the haunted house to the classroom! You will get the chance to watch 4 actors (who have volunteered to be have their makeup done by instructor Geoff Beck previously to the class starting at noon) be put through a series of exercises that will help build their acting skills. They will be acting in an actual set that is 22 feet wide by 10 feet deep with 3 different themed areas. “Customers” will walk into an elevated walkway and down into a dungeon hallway into a large musty room, then into the library, and throughout there are many pop-outs for the actors to utilize and practice their skills (dialogue, body movement, approach, and interaction). There will be a half hour video on make-up and extensive discussion on this topic and how important it is in creating the complete presentation of a character. The class will critique each actor in this simulated haunted house atmosphere to see how their acting affects customers, and dissect all elements and details of each character. There will also be some slip-masks available for volunteers from the class to put on and join in on the acting in the set too, and all suggestions, interaction and input from the class on acting in this workshop is welcome! All who sign up for this class will get a free training DVD from Shutter Productions and a discount on merchandise from Screamline Studios (5% up to $150.00 order, and 10% on any order over $150.00 to be used at the Screamline Studios both at the 201 MHC convention only). Free pizza and soda will be supplied (at 12 noon start time). A special opportunity also exists for the 5 individuals who do the best in the class (everyone in the class qualifies (not just the 4 actors participating and having their make-up done). They will get the chance to act in this haunted house set on Saturday night as it will be at the entrance of the Masquerade Ball, and they will act for all who go through the set throughout the evening. This will give these actors a chance to implement all they have learned in the class in front of their peers and show them their talent! These volunteers will also get in free to the Masquerade Ball! (a $40.00 value).The goal of this workshop is to help all involved in focusing on every little detail of delivery and presentation of a character and it’s affect on the audience, so it will help them become a superior actor.

Note: If anyone is interested in being one of the 4 actors to be made up by Geoff Beck for the class and also be an actor for the class, please contact Geoff Beck at 440-796-3177. A volunteer’s involvement to be one of the 4 actors does require them to be able to have their make-up done as early as 4 hours prior to class starting, and they must also register on the MHC website as well. (Note: Kent Reger, previously interested volunteer in participating in class. Can you please call Geoff Beck at the above cel # to sign up as one of the actors (in error, your phone # was deleted).

05-13-2011, 02:27 AM
Over the years I have purchased a few of Geoff Beck's DVDs and learned in some of his classes. This helped me improve to the point that I was invited to work at a haunted house in Sydney, Australia. As it turned out, Geoff ended up working out there as well. The two of us worked together to help train actors with little to no experience working in a haunted house. As someone who has experience both in and in front of the class room with Geoff Beck, I can honestly say how inspiring and detailed his workshops are. To those who wish to learn more about makeup, acting, reading your audience, and using your enviroment to your advantage; I really recommend this workshop at MHC this June. And for those who are veteran haunters, there is always something new to learn to make you a better monster and entertainer. I have been in the business for five years and I know there is always room for improvement, and this could be the class that helps you go that extra mile.

Jim Warfield
05-18-2011, 06:36 PM
For my character there is No Room for improvement! My "character" is "The Unimprovable One!" (And I might be able to prove this too. Given time.) ha-ha-ha-ha. . . . . .
I often have so much time and freedom in my venue here that I can act subtle,underplay things, voice, nuiances, take the time to proceed as the customer allows and as long as they seem to be "happy" or scared or laughing, I often just keep going!
I have also spoken at 90 MPH like a crazed auctioneer, challenging the audience to hear as much of what I am saying as they can, comprehending as much as they are able, and many people do respond to such an unspoken challenge!
Mental tintillation feels good to many who are not simple or drugged or severely distracted by life's little inconveinances.
I do cherish these opportunitys to have and create such special, personal FUN for others and of course for myself too!
I have managed to sneak in a little practice over the last 25 years... since I have been open for haunt business almost every night of those 25 years.
I couldn't do what many others do in their haunts, I sure don't "Know" everything about anything. What I do know is what has worked here for me and the people who are my numerous customers and fans, and I am deeply thankfull for them all because I got real tired of digging ditches (with a broken shovel) many years ago!
Anybody want to buy some souveneer dirt?

05-18-2011, 11:51 PM
Sure Jim, I'll buy some dirt so I can use it for my set! Ha Ha Ha! My acting workshop is going to be a lot of fun for those who want to utilize the actual "real world" environment of a haunted house setting to build their acting skills by being "tested" with exercises that make them more confident in their approach, dialogue, and presentation of their characters and how they interact, entertain, and resonate with an audience. This will be the ONLY class at MHC this year that BRINGS THE HAUNTED HOUSE TO THE CLASSROOM! I hope to see you there!

05-19-2011, 07:03 AM
Geoff, I sent you a request to volunteer for this class. I hope you got it...

05-23-2011, 12:08 AM
I am about 5 days away from completing this set that will be used for my acting class on Friday June 3rd (12:00-4:30PM, for more info, and to register for the acting class log on to www.midwesthaunters.com) and also for the entrance for the Masquerade Ball on Saturday the 4th. I am taking 5 people from my acting class (who did the best) and having them "work" the WICKED WALK THROUGH that you can choose to go through and experience as many times as you wish during the ball. This is an opportunity for the participants from my class to use what they have learned from the class on "you", the haunted attraction industry!