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05-28-2011, 09:40 PM
We have a special opportunity for Hauntworld Forum readers. There are two seats left on the MHC pre-convention bus tour (June 1 & 2).

This is a 2 Day Haunted Attraction Bus Tour with 10 Attractions that includes 20 Haunts in Central/Northeast Indiana and Western Ohio.

The bus tour package price is based on a per person basis. Bus tour package prices vary by the number of people in the hotel room. If more than one person in a room, you need to sign up both people in your room at the same time. Total trip package price per person:

$ 309 – one person in a room by them self
$ 254 – two people, two beds

Includes all haunts, bus, hotel and meals.

If interested; e-mail me at Kelly@midwesthaunters.com . If I don’t fill both seats by Sunday afternoon; then we’ll post the open seats on our Facebook page and web site. There are only two seats open and this is on a first response basis.

Kelly Collins
The Midwest Haunters Convention

05-29-2011, 12:48 PM
I so wish I was going to MHC this year. I couldn't get that weekend off from work. It really sucked too because I spent all year saving my beans for it.