View Full Version : Scarefactory Z-rig Ghoul off the Vegas show floor w/ all the extra movements

06-06-2011, 02:36 AM
We just finished having our Z-Rig Ghoul refurbished by Johnson Animatronics. THIS CREATURE IS GIANT! The Johnsons went through every bolt, weld, joint, clevis and more. They also re-foamed and used over 10 gallons of latex re-doing the piece. By the looks at the Scarefactory catalog they no longer sell this version with fully animated arms and head. It seems if they just sell the springing up version. This one has animated head, jaw, arms, pop-up motion and more. This was their first version beefed up with all the crazy cylinders and more to survive the tradeshow. This is the exact piece that is pictured in the catalog, the first pull.

We just finished up our own version of paint job on it which we like better with the movie quality blood and so on. This paint job stands out a little better. The prop comes with all controls of course. The only thing you will need to get is your own amp. This is such a smooth running creature its amazing. You can contact Brent Johnson w/ Johnson Animatronics so he can go over everything they did to it last month. This piece right now is better than new. The current pricing in the Scarefactory book doesn't show this version with all the animation. I believe the price was $8995 plus very very expensive controls which were nearly 2k since it runs on multiple flex controls and major valves. So it is over 11k new. The rehab we just put into this creature was roughly 2k also. For serious parties interested I can send a video and more pics. Shipping would be the buyers responsibility. We can look at fees to deliver and we can also assist with helping you find a shipper.

We are asking $7800 for it.

Please contact us via email at tombodark@aol.com. We won't be checking the forum for questions posted here, so if you could please email us any questions.