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06-07-2011, 09:02 PM
9799980098012 Haunted House Side Attractions, located in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Purchase these two side attractions to gain a greater profit by charging $5 or $10 more per customer. Purchase the dark maze and charge $5 more per customer - only 400 customers (a single night) and it's paid for! Purchase both attractions for $7,000 and charge $10 more per customer - only 700 customers (still a single night or weekend) and it's paid for! The rest of the season is nothing but profit.

Dark Maze Side Attraction covers 3,000 square feet for $2,000
- 102 wall panels 4 foot by 7 foot OSB wood; real metal coffin; barrel rattler with trip pad (sounds like machine going off); 4 costumes and mask; black lights with actor remote control; and sound system.
Clown Side Attraction covers 6,000 square feet for $5,000
- 179 wall panels 4 foot by 8 foot OSB wood; approximately 20 drop-down windows built in on the wall panels; approx 50 clown portraits; 2 barrel rattler with trip pad (sounds like machine going off); 12 scenes (special fixtures/furniture medical; mental hospital; restaurant; theater); lighting throughout haunted house; sound system; misc equipment (chain link fence; animatronics parts; etc); and Ex-Mortis Stalk Around Creepo the Clown

The Clown Attraction was ranked the best clown attraction in DFW this past haunt season.

Contact at fearpark@yahoo.com All haunted houses are currently set-up in our warehouses from last season located outside Dallas/Ft. Worth. So you can come and see what you are getting.

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06-18-2011, 05:32 PM
What is the name of your haunted house or complex?

06-22-2011, 06:51 PM
Dr. Haunt's Haunted House Fear Park www.fearpark.com