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Raycliff Manor
07-03-2011, 01:08 PM
Thanks so much for the positive thoughts, energy, prayers and words of encouragement! We really do appreciate it!

As many already know, we were in the process of selling the Raycliff business. The sale blew away with much of Joplin since the tornado. At any rate, there is a chance we'll still be operating this fall, as I mentioned before, but there is also a chance that if staying operational in Joplin doesn't work out, we'll be moving the contents to a new location, or alternately, selling or auctioning all of the contents of both the Raycliff Manor and Carriage House attractions. I've mentioned this to a few haunt owners, but have decided to announce it to see how many would be interested. We haven't come up with a selling price yet, but if you are interested in receiving information should we decide to go in this direction, please shoot me an email at info@raycliffmanor.com with "Raycliff Manor Inventory List" in the subject line to ensure that you are included should we decide to sell or auction the contents of the attractions.

You can be sure that no matter what, I've only just begun to make my mark in the haunt industry and even if the Raycliff Attractions takes a year off, you will see much more of me with even greater things to manifest in the future! Like the City of Joplin, Raycliff Manor will also rise from the ashes! ;)

Lastly, thanks sooooooo much for all of the haunt industry sisters and brothers who have sent me private messages, Facebook messages and emails of support since the tornado hit Joplin! It's awesome to be a part of such an incredible industry of amazing people!


07-04-2011, 11:25 AM

I know Joplin was devestated however... you need to reach out with your marketing on more of a tri state area. Now is the time to market your haunted house as a destination not just a haunt in one little area. You should be spending MORE money than ever in town like Springfield, or states like Arkansas, Kansas or Oklahoma you need to branch out because you are near large pockets of people you really are simply put you just need to take the risk and spend the money on marketing.

I talk to so many haunters who zillions of dollars on their haunts and hardly nothing on marketing. Your marketing is first and foremost and without that no one comes to your haunts.

Trust me brother, reach out farther and you will have the best year ever.


Jim Warfield
07-04-2011, 12:24 PM
The poor condition of the USA economy and the price of a gal. of Gas be Dammed!?
Our business really picked up this weekend , I believe because the gas dropped and has stayed low for awhile, finally.
Reaching farther out to touch the real haunt fans might make a bu$$ine$$ difference. That average haunt patron... ? I don't know?
Creating a "Destination" is what the tourism business has been trying to be all about for the last 20 years that I know of.
I just hope (selffishly) that after the gas, some food money gets spent arriving at said destination, that they have enough money left to spend some of it with me!

07-06-2011, 04:32 AM
So sorry to hear of this Kel. My black heart goes out to you!!!!!

Raycliff Manor
07-06-2011, 08:20 AM
Thanks again for the words of encouragement and support! I really do appreciate it! We hope to know very soon whether or not we'll be opening this year. We had planned to do a summer SCREAMFEST concert this year but the aftermath of the tornado has just made it inconceivable. Manifesting the Raycliff Attractions has been a rewarding experience and an incredible journey. Now we wait on the will of heaven, as they say.