View Full Version : Lizzy Borden Ghost Mirror with spray effects and light effects

07-09-2011, 09:00 AM

we made this to use at our haunted house.

This is just a sample of the effects, but when she plays she turns off lights in your hallway and sprays water on your guests...

asking 2,000 of best offer, will take a trade if you have something we can use in our haunt.

if you want it with out the mirror and flat screen tv, i can give you a better price, you can build your own mirror as large as you want it...

This is a crazy effect, hang it on the wall at your haunt.

Mirror has 7 different lizzy effects, also when she screams or spits blood, a fine mist of water sprays out from the mirror.. scares them everytime lol :)

What you get:

lizzy mirror The mirror measures 2' tall by 15" wide

dvd with 7 diffrent lizzy effects

poltergeist pic changing dvd ( with water spray effects) 3 effects on the dvd

killer clown dvd (with water spray effects) 3 effects on the dvd

ghost writing in blood dvd

special dvd player to trigger mirror effects

special control board for water sprayer

water sprayer

************************************************** **********************************

************************************************** ***********************************

what you need:

speakers for sound


mat trigger or motion trigger, 28.00 i can tell you where to buy it.

2 lights, but you dont have to add this, but it a cool effect to add.

you can hook up lights, so when the effect happens the special board turn off lights on the wall near the mirror, then turns them back on after the effect.




use the other video effects with the mirror or use them in other places in your haunt.... just add a few more tvs and picture frames.

damon carson
07-09-2011, 09:12 AM
Really like the first two! Nice work.