View Full Version : DFW Haunted Houses Website?

Haunted Prints (EOM)
07-18-2011, 03:29 PM
Does anyone know if DFWhauntedhouses.com will be back up for the 2011 season?

Allen H
07-18-2011, 03:52 PM
I doubt it, I think they have stopped reviewing.

Haunted Prints (EOM)
07-18-2011, 07:24 PM
That's a shame. They were an asset to the haunt community in DFW and I would be sad to see them go.

Mad Wax Sculptor
07-20-2011, 11:55 AM
No love lost here. I know a lot of haunters liked them but its a relief to me to not have to worry about dealing with these guys again this yr.

Haunted Prints (EOM)
07-20-2011, 03:59 PM
Pat, you need to find the love! j/k

Like any review company/critic they did both good and bad. I will miss the ability to go to the website and obtain info on all the area haunts. It was a good place to hear about new haunts and view news about haunt happenings both from the industy and customer perspective.

Mad Wax Sculptor
07-20-2011, 04:18 PM
Josh they called you a gay vampire lol. were better off with out the hassle. However never fear I still love you Joshy