View Full Version : 2011 Clown/Carnival/Circus

08-12-2011, 11:29 PM
Hey there. I've decided that this year, I am going to be doing a clown/circus/carnival theme. The last few years, I've just taken a bunch of prop and decorations that I have bought, and put them into the yard for a display. This year though I want to have a theme (thanks to some forum members for talking about the importance of having a theme). I'm not sure what I can do for a fence for this theme. The last two years, I just took a bunch of 8 foot bamboo poles and cut them into 2 foot high lengths, stuck them around the front yard, and wrapped twine around them. I don't have a ton of room for storage of a fence. Any ideas for that are welcomed. (I think I am going to use pennant string for the fence, but not sure what to use for the posts, as well as how high for the posts) Also, for lighting, I was thinkning of going with yellow and red. I will probably just use floodlights (do they have led floodlights (coloured) and are they as bright as regular bulbs)? Is there another colour scheme I should go with instead of red/yellow. Another thing I thought I could do was buy a 8 or 10 foot long piece of PVC pipe, put it in the middle of the yard, run some mini christmas lights up it, and then hang them over the yard, and attach them to the eavstrough/rain gutters on the house. Is there any way I could incorporate the coffin i made as well into this theme? I will attach a link to some pictures of the house/yard. They will be right at the bottom. If you have any ideas as to how I can make it look like theres lots of stuff, but not crowded, please post! (I need to buy lots of props/decorations from Spirit or the other Halloween store where I shop for this theme) How would I use my fog machines as well? I have two regular ones, and one ground fogger. I know that is ALOT of stuff to ask, but if you have any answers/ideas/comments or suggestions, please post them. I am also wanting to get into more handmade stuff this year. Thanks, and I know you talented people will give me some great ideas!