View Full Version : Last minute Darklight sale! 15% off before 9/1 Coupon: LE18G1V80A

08-13-2011, 07:03 PM
With opening day about a month away, I'm sure many of you are scrambling to get all those props and scenes up. In our experience, there are always those emergency last minute purchases needed to pick up loose ends. Darklight (http://www.darklightsystem.com/pages/Products.html) is here to help if you have a few more scenes missing proper lighting!

Save 15% OFF retail price before September 1st using the code LE18G1V80A during checkout. In stock items ship the next business day.

One other thing to remember, we are the only haunt lighting vendor with UL listed LED spotlights and power supplies --- your fire safety inspection will go a lot smoother using UL listed products. Our products are low voltage, easy to setup, modular, and durable (indoor and outdoor use).

http://www.darklightsystem.com/templates/__custom/Styles/px.jpg (http://www.darklightsystem.com/products/Precision-X%3A-Close-Range-Spotlight.html) http://www.darklightsystem.com/templates/__custom/Styles/py.jpg (http://www.darklightsystem.com/products/Precision-Y%3A-Mid%252dRange-Theme-Light.html) http://www.darklightsystem.com/templates/__custom/Styles/pz.jpg (http://www.darklightsystem.com/products/Precision-Z%3A-Hi%252dPower-Spotlight.html)

We are honored, excited, and proud to be illuminating some of the best haunts in America this Halloween season (many of you are on this forum)!

- Quan

08-25-2011, 09:24 AM
get your orders to enjoy the savings while giving you enough time to make last minute adjustments.