View Full Version : Large lot of Haunt World and other DVDs for sale

Clown School Dropout
08-14-2011, 01:10 PM
I've got several DVDs to sell as one lot. There are 7 DVDs and 1 music CD.
Included in the lot are:

1. Hauntworld The Movie Part 12
2. Hauntworld The Movie Part 14
3. Hauntworld The Movie Part 17
4. Secrets of the Haunted Mansion Vol. 1
5. Secrets of the Haunted Mansion Vol. 7
6. Horrific Haunted House Tips - Boneyard Productions
7. House of the Living Dead Part 3 - Rich Hanf
8. Rusyknife Presents Darkness CD

The entire lot of 7 DVDs and 1 CD retails for $221.65. I'm asking $109 for the lot and I'll ship these items for free. As a bonus, I'll throw in a few extras: HauntCon DVD Seminar Series "Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Industry Part 1"; Sounds of Horror (2 CD set); and Haunted Media DVD Magazine Issue Three.

Email Dave at
dgt13@cox.net if interested
Thanks for looking!

damon carson
08-14-2011, 05:21 PM
If you cant sell as a lot I would be interested in the haunted mansion pt 7. The Boneyard productions one. And the rusty knife one. Let me know.