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08-15-2011, 06:14 PM
I'm curious...I keep hearing about haunted houses that say they have "X" number of {full scale} haunted houses for "X" amount of $$$. Can anyone define what 'full scale' is please?

Allen H
08-15-2011, 06:18 PM
I think they made those terms up. However I assume that they mean a haunted house that takes 10min or more to go through.

Jim Warfield
08-16-2011, 12:39 AM
"Four Houses!" That were actually just four scenes under one roof!= gone.
Nobody HAS to go to a haunted house, but you NEED them to WANT To!
Wacky entertainment, memorable and fun times ,makes them NEED to come back, bring friends.
By the way, our summer season ended last night on sunday when nobody showed up here because of school starting, BUT OCtober began tonight when a family of incredible screamers came here (first-timers) and made my ears ache. This ear-thing usually only happens during the first week of October.
I have a recording of their screams, I might put it on my answering machine as a testimonial.
"Here is what some recent patrons of Ravens Grin have to say:"Scream! ScrEAM! SCREAM! Scream Again, two girls, one Mother plus two older men, all screamers!

Greg Chrise
08-16-2011, 01:35 AM
Bigger than a haunted bird house. Of course the little bird house has 4 trailer trucks of remote control gear, Pnuematics, time machines and power supplies on the other side of the fence out of view to make things happen. The pole the bird house is on hides all the cables and hoses.

RJ Productions
08-16-2011, 02:19 PM
A possible explaination is the fact concepts are changing. Haunts use to build one huge haunt, as big as possible! Then you market how long it takes you to go through...30minutes, 45 minutes, an hour! Then a few years ago attitudes changed to switch to smaller, multiple attractions. The change is sound, the reality is that it is very difficult to keep an audience hyped up for that long a period of time. They can not physically maintain a high level of adreneline for a long lenght of time....physical fact.

It is always compared to a roller coaster. I've actually done this, ride a coaster non-stop. The average ride is 2 1/2 minutes. 1st time through...great-awesome ride, 2nd time ...still cool, 3rd time....interest starts to wain, 4th time...ok I'm done, 5th time...get me the hell off this thing!!!! To combat this effect the large haunts would actually build in lull spots or rest areas sometimes changing themes. Another factor to consider is that if the audience becomes compliant that's when damage starts to occur. IF they get too used to the attraction, then they tend to start touching things.

The change was made to create several smaller haunts instead of one huge haunt. It has better perceived value, better audience reaction, and most times creates more income. This is a good thing! However you always have people that screw things up and take advantage of everything.

Haunts that weren't really big enough would split in two to create a "multiple haunt". Instead of good 10-15 minute walk, you start getting 5 minute haunts!! Others started promoting the attractions as though they were multiple haunts, listing individual things like ..."featuring the Vortex Tunnel, an outdoor connection area becomes "featuring the outdoor graveyard!!" We had a guy here who listed individual rooms!! People are then duped into thinking these are individual attractions!!!

That's where your comments come in. Obviously in that market guys were "over promoting" what they really had. So an owner that actually had "FULL SIZED ATTRACTIONS" wanted to make sure people knew the difference.

I am a fan of the multiple attraction, but be truthful!! Make sure the atracttion is LONG enough, and don't promote rooms like they are complete attractions!!! It makes it difficult on the rest of us!! When I get customers who want to know EXACTLY what they get to go through BEFORE they will even buy a ticket, you know we have a problem!!