View Full Version : Big Thanks to Rocky Point!

04-07-2007, 01:12 AM
Just got back from a trip that started at Rocky Points Fright Nights last weekend...Wow!

Cydney really rolled out the red carpet, and no detail, no information was held back. We were well fed with 4 meals and all the haunting we could eat! Really a wonderful event at an absolutely legendary haunt. If you haven't seen it, go this weekend!! You will be regretting it forever if you don't. I still regret missing Hades and Spookyworld, and I can't see them now. As beautiful as the sets are you need to see it with the staff going full tilt, they really breathe life into the event, and aim to scare and entertain every patron.

On the Auction front, it seems like there will be something for everyone. There will be large sections going as units, individual scenes, and in some cases individual props and animations. This means there will be items, many unique that anyone can bid on and win. They also have so much stuff in the prop rooms and stored there is no telling what treasures will surface. 27 years and 66,000 square feet to put it in means TONS of props!

Anyway I just wanted to thank Cydney and her crew for a first class event!


Ben Armstrong

04-08-2007, 02:54 AM
I just got the flyer in the mail for the auction today... wow she has a lot more stuff than I realized. Did anyone else get a flyer?