View Full Version : Costumes for Kids Charity may be ending its run of charity program

09-07-2011, 05:03 PM
So we called haunters, vendors and more. If we cannot secure one major sponsor for at least 1300.00 or two to split that or even more. We are going to have to end the Costumes for Kids program.

It is a sad day for such a good programs since 2008. We have gotten 3/4 of the boxes mailed out from out own personal funds. But now we cannot finish it for 2011 unless a major sponsor comes on board.

If anyone wants to help and become one please call me: 262 323 1424.

There is a new website to go up if someone steps up. Logo Placement, etc.

I hope this program doesn't have to end its run.

09-08-2011, 08:46 AM
In an attempt to save costumes for kids. If anyone steps up to sponsor or a group of you to get the charity the 1300-1500 needed to complete the charity season I will donate two years of on air and web banner placement on rotting flesh radio.

09-08-2011, 10:35 AM
Here is a challange to any one out there that can help out. I am willing to match any donations to this cause up to a total of $750 that you guys send. This will cover this years cost, and I want to call out all of the guys out there with the Mega Haunts to step it up and support this cause. I will donate another $1000 to help keep this going if we can get Larry to put up $1000 of his own. This little holiday we call Halloween has made some of us alot of money, so we need to suport it, Larry you have been promoting this industry for a long time and it has suported you too. I see no reason that you and I can't help keep this going. Christmas has always been thought as the time for giving and Halloween gets the shaft. Well look at all the haunts that are charity baseed, and I say that halloween is the giving holiday. We need these charitys to do what we love and alot of us would not be able to be in business without them, so dig in your pocket and pull out you wallet. Lets help keep this going and getting kids into halloween. They are our future customers.



Joe P
09-08-2011, 11:20 AM
we used to chat on rotting flesh chat, we have met a couple times at MHC. I threw a few hundred at you for the kids last time we spoke. I am willing to help some more. I dont have a pro Haunt though. Just a home haunt that I work too hard on, but I would like to help. I will give you the $1300 to get through this year. We can work out details whenever. If you want to mention my haunt that would be great but the kids mean more to me. Hell Barack is gonna take it anyway! lol
send me an email.
Joe Phillips

09-08-2011, 01:23 PM
Wow! Thank you guys so much. Austin it was a pleasure speaking with you this morning and Joe I sent you an email. I do remember those fun days in the RFR chat.

I cannot express how much I am grateful to you two for believing in this cause . I gave donated all of 2011 sales from RFR to it and personal funds in how much I believe in it.

Thank you thank you thank you. It is because of you guys emails like that one I got this Mormon asking if we could provide a princess costume that can work around a disability can happen.

The new c4k site is launching next week and trust me you two will have some great placement in the sponsors section on it.

Thank you so much again! I cannot say it enough!

09-08-2011, 09:27 PM
Joe that was very nice to see that you will donate $ 1300. As I stated I will match your donation for $750. Still waiting to see what the big guys can do. If we can get this progarm through the next year that would be great. Jonathon has put thousands into this just this year and we can make sure it is set for next year. My $1000 offer is still out there. I want nothing out of this other than to prove that we are here for each other when in need. Come on Larry this is no money to you and you can help some kids too. Hope there are more of you that can help.

Thanks Austin

09-09-2011, 05:46 PM
Thank you two so much for all your help in the cause! It will not go unnoticed. An the new site is set to go up next Friday.

If someone else comes to the table as you two did and Austin matches contributions we could add 27 more organizations to theailing list for this season. How great would that be!!!

As I said before, I believe in this cause and talking to you both I know you do to. I will do all I can to give something back to you too.

If anyone else would like to help the cause, I feel so honored to have people like Joe and Austin behind me and costumes for kids.

Thank you, thank everyone who bought from the RFR booth at the conventions, and more. It all went to c4k in 2011.

Thank you all. You all are my extended haunt family and friends.

09-14-2011, 07:52 AM
Thank you again Joe and Austin forth support. The new c4k site goes up this week too.

Also we got a call from wal Mart and they said if we can get at least 2000 in donations from sponsors they will match it!!!! How nice is that!!!?

So I am asking all Haunters if we could get like a few to sponsor c4k we can really push the program far and with the added support from walmart.

I Will Honor the same things ad stated above to. if anyone else wants to step up for the charity please call me and I will also get you the logo placements , free on air and web ads, etc etc.

Thank you so much once again to Austin and joe it has meant alot to the children and er are boxing up and sending out over 34 boxes today and 42 more tomorrow.