View Full Version : Hauntworld Under Construction AGAIN

09-14-2011, 03:08 AM
Hey Everyone ... I know the forums changed again. We are working out different bugs. It will be fixed soon. If you are experiencing a program type it here.

We have been doing a ton and I mean a ton of work to the site over the past few weeks mostly content updating, and tons of SEO work. Hauntworld's traffic is already up about 38% from last year some days its up 45%. Our goal is to help our advertisers first and foremost and the haunted house industry in general.

We are constantly making changes because we are trying to increase traffic for our haunted house listings on our site. We are again CHANGING the front page... yes I know how many times right? LOL

But the new version will be up and running prior to October ... its mostly the same just some tweaks. We are adding several new features. You'll see!

I do with this website like I do with my own haunted houses, and for those who toured them know its second to none, all out balls to the wall. We are taking on these websites as our new project of doing everything without our power to make it the best sites on the web.

Right now its crazy for me... I've got more mini golf work than we've ever had, probably something like 8 projects all signed up and building over the next 6 months, but right now we are installing two blacklight haunted houses, while trying to open our own haunts. I have one crew right now in New York and another crew in Dallas. Everything is nuts right now...

You won't hear that much from me anymore, to much work, to much going on, and my focus going forward is to merely work on these sites. Good luck with your haunts this season. take care.