View Full Version : Great way to run a haunt prop business

09-14-2011, 04:04 PM
Many items I recieve from haunt prop businesses come with no packing slip....no indication of what may still be on back order, no payment reference, once not even contact info on return address was readable after shipping scuffs on box, and no ID on inside. No instructions or tips for longer life out of product.

Today was different. Night Frights has their act together. Packing list even has paypal reference number! So much nicer for depreciation schedule, bill cross reference etc. Complete directions with good looking diagrams!!! Ghost Bust live and Scary Mary mirrior. The kicker.....it was a recent order out of the blue and here FAST. And I do not see something yet that screams at me that it will be a problem eventually. Had fantastic results last year with my Gargoyle Shock from Distortions so I will add them here as well.

If you make haunted props and do the above; chime in. I want to meet you face to face at Transworld next year.

Wicked Farmer

chuck weber
09-14-2011, 04:58 PM
you had a positive experience with at least 2 vendors.... all the stress you haunt owners have to put up with concerning EVERYTHING ELSE that goes on with running a haunt, and then to get ripped off or like you say, no packing slips, etc... just ore hassle. glad these 2 guys were good to deal with...... continued success !!!!