View Full Version : Halloween Bus Billboard

09-18-2011, 11:12 AM
Selling my modified bus.... used for my Halloween stores but my wife wants me to liquidate them...she doesn't want to work. Was going to use it for haunt, Slaughter high, but I just pulled the plug on that to move prop company to CO from Vegas. Nothing draws more attention then this bus..... it is very wicked. You can drive a car into it (My car does not come with it). Actors can march out the back. Has AC, loud stereo,winch and generator. I have driven long distance in it many times with no problem.
Issues- Eats a little oil...not bad for I believe a 96 (need to look at title), generator shroud needs tact on ...raddles. Lose wire on winch,needs one electric wire replaced but works. Front window has golf ball hole...never fixed it cause it added to affect.
Easy to banner sides and draws massive attention.
Regular Gas, street legal, no special license at least here, clean NV title in hand. Starts first time.
$5500 or if purchased before Oct $4500.00 firm ....so I don't have to drive it to CO. Has been used in the past for race car transportation. By far the best priced billboard you can buy that will draw massive attention! Doubles as prop mover! In Vegas.
monster at tonguesandwich dot com .