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Mr Nightmarez
04-10-2007, 07:39 AM
Raising your income with ancillary sales

By Ricky Dick of Castle Blood

Fri - 9:00am-10:30am
Most folks think there's two ways to bring income to the attraction. Ticket Sales and Sponsorships. There is a third that most people overlook. Ancillary sales. Those extra things you can do to increase your income and profits. And there's even ways to do it years round. Ricky Dick of Castle Blood will give you all the info on the what's and how’s that make up at least 20% of his attractions income

Codes 101: Getting your Haunt Open, and Staying Open

By Erick Donaldson of Gazall-Lewis & Associates Architects, Inc.

Fri - 11:00am-Noon
There are thousands of seasonal haunts owners around the country that are planning on opening a Halloween event this October. Some of these attractions won't be allowed to open, and several others will be forced to closed before they even come close to Halloween. Join Erick Donaldson as he discus the code issues facing Haunted Houses, how to dealing with local officials, and what you can do to make sure you can open year after year.

Advanced Web Marketing: Taking Your Website to the Next Level

By Christopher Briemaier of Rogues Hollow Production

Fri - 1:00pm-2:00pm
Your online marketing is now more important that ever! In this seminar we'll discuss new marketing opportunities the web offers including online communities, internet video, viral marketing, the new role of print marketing, and online ticketing. We'll also cover some of the basics such as website statistics and how to use them, the "do's and don'ts" of design and more! If you want to take your web marketing to the next level then you don't want to miss this important and informative seminar!

Getting your Advertising for Free

By Jen Sharlow of Scream Queen Marketing

Fri - 2:00pm-3:00pm
This beginner to experienced level seminar will go in depth on how events with little to no advertising budget gain large scale advertising with no out of pocket costs. We will learn the secrets that the media outlets don't want you to know! An open discussion will follow the class to answer ALL questions pertaining to Advertising, Media and Promotions. Sponsored by Saint Francis Animal Rescue - T-Shirts and Door Prizes will be given away after the seminar.

Starting a Non Profit Haunted Event

By Todd Patton of HauntedWeb.com

Fri - 4:00pm-5:00pm
You have ideas, talent, motivation, but little funding...How can you get started in the Haunt business? By partnering with a charitable organization you can live the dream of having your own Haunted Attraction. We will attempt to give you details, ideas and methods to use that will help you partner with a charitable group.

Evolution of a Scare

By Edward Terebus & James Terebus of Erebus Four Story Haunted Attraction

Fri - 11:00am-Noon
Taking a scare from concept to production. Breathing new life into an old scare by putting a new twist on it. Thinking outside the box to make your show the one that stands out above the rest. What makes you different from the haunt down the street?

The Pitch Dark Infrared Flashlight Haunt

By Norm Glenn of Mansion of Terror Haunted House

Fri - 1:00pm-2:00pm
Talk about the success of using infrared flashlights as a new type of haunted house attraction. We'll discuss the PROs, like not needing the expense of setting up any haunt lighting, and the CONs, like how to get your actors adjusted to working in the dark, as well as show a video of just how well it heightens the experience for the patrons from our own 2006 season. Especially when the staff can turn off the flashlights at will with their own remote controls. If you want something new, creative, and edgy to add to your haunted house, this is it!

Styrofoam Masonry III

By Mike Parpovich and Bert Zelten of Bad Boys Scenic Design

Fri - 9:00am-10:30am
Expanding on last year’s hugely popular workshop, Bad Boys Scenic Design have agreed to expand on their Foam Masonry. A hit with attendees, this informative How-To workshop gives Haunters at all levels, the techniques to turn an average Haunt in to a highly detailed Disney-level attraction. Join Mike "Tattoo" Krausert and Bert Zelten from Bad Boys Scenic Design in this informative, hands-on seminar. Basic Styrofoam techniques will be addressed as well as tips and tools of the trade. Mike and Bert will also demonstrate and discuss more advanced methods including deep sculpture, lettering, foam props and applications used on the interior and exterior of there Haunted Attraction, Terror on the Fox. This hour and a half long session will be packed so arrive early to get seats. A "must see" during the convention! - Leonard Pickel

Xtreme Haunt FX

By Rob Johnson of Bodybag Entertainment

Fri - 11:00am-Noon
This seminar will cover the application of multisectional foam appliances. Including blending and makeup techniques for creating a realistic look.

Creating Haunting Props with Styrofoam

By John Ehrenreich of Hot Wire Foam Factory

Fri - 2:00pm-3:00pm
Using various Hot Wire Foam Factory tools, I will demonstrate sculpting Styrofoam for use as Haunted props. Included in the demonstration will be simulating stone and wood objects. The demonstration will take you from the beginning to a completed project, including painting and various techiques. Application will be appropriate for the beginner who does a front yard haunt as well as the professional Haunter.

Airbrushing - a Brush Away from sucess.

By Donna Nowak of Show Offs Body Art

Fri - 1:00pm-2:00pm
This seminar is filled with pointers and plans for applying airbrush art to your resume or business. A must have in this growing industry that requires speed for makeup to props. You'll see some airbrush techniques using stencils and cheap tricks to fool your customers. If you can spray a can you can airbrush. If your looking for additional profits centers for your airbrush, this is one class not to miss. Sucess is only a brush away.

Precision scene lighting using LEDs

By Bert Zelten of Minispotlight.com

Fri - 4:00pm-5:00pm
An overview of the types of LED lighting packages available to haunters. Seminar will cover the basic types of LEDs and how they are used. How to use LED lighting with your prop controller. How to incorperate lighting into your props and special effects using LED lighting.

Trouble-Shooting Controller

By Bryan Patterson of Callson Manor

Sat - 11:00am-Noon
Build and take home a pneumatic character that will serve as a test bed. You will learn how to use this test bed to trouble shoot your existing animatronic characters. These tools and techniques can be used universally on name brands such as Scare Factory, Distortions, Scare Parts, Unit 70, Characters Unlimited, LFX, Haunted Enterprises, Ghost Ride Productions and more. This workshop will cover: Basic electrical / electronics. Component identification-learn to identify the components of your animatronics. Trouble Shooting- find out how to use a process of elimination to figure out what is wrong. Pneumatic fundamentals, Servo control, Micro controllers and PBASIC 101.

Run a Multiple Attraction Halloween Event

By Patrick Konopelski of Shocktoberfest

Sat - 4:00pm-5:00pm
Fifteen year veteran, Patrick Konopelski will teach you how to turn your Halloween Attraction into a Multi-Attraction Halloween Event. You will also learn how to turn your Halloween event into a Christmas event with light displays. Learn how Patrick turns his successful Shocktoberfest into Jingle Bell Fest in less than three weeks. This informative seminar will highlight sponsorship, back-story, scheduling, staffing, layout, electrical needs, and most importantly, financial investment and return. Patrick will also discuss the newly popular: Evening Happy Hayrides created with light displays.

Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Industry- Part 1

By Leonard Pickel of Haunted Attraction Magazine

Sat - 9:00am-10:30am
There are many important questions to ask and answer when considering opening a haunted attraction. And usually many more than a hopeful new business owner could ever have guessed! This two-part series addresses the lion's share of the devil hidden in the details of such an ambitious undertaking! This series without question will save any first time haunt owner a fortune in lost energy and revenues!

Taking your product or Halloween event to extraordinary levels of marketing

By Scott Broad of Haunted Media Magazine

Sat - 11:00am-Noon
Seminar will offer people in the Halloween/Haunted Attraction business a unique aggressive way of marketing their product or event as well as ways to grow their business by leaps and bounds. The skills and lessons that will be shown are great tips that have been proven many times over with the most recently in marketing the 2006 HauntX Convention. Using the same skills that are taught we were able to bring this convention attendance from 300-person event to over 2500-person event. How to develop a big advertisement campaign without spending $$$'s. . How to create the affordable marketing campaign for today's economy. How to harness the power of taking your event/business to new levels. Tips on how to get 1000's of people to attend your event or buy your product.

IRS Ruling/Indpendent Contactors vs. Paid Actors

By Denise Siess of The Realm of Darkness

Sat - 1:00pm-2:00pm
I will discuss the ruling with the IRS. Also discuss the difference between Independent Contractors vs. Paid Actors.

Unleashing Myspace on your haunt

By Josh Glisan of Fire Freak Productions

Sat - 2:00pm-3:00pm
With this rising popularity of myspace people have begun using it to expand businesses. Everything from clothing lines up to night clubs and bars. I will be explaining how to use myspace to get more people in the doors of your haunt. I will also be explaining how to use myspace to keep your actors constantly updated. It is also an awesome way to convert haunt attendees to haunt actors.

Pneumatics 101

By Brian Warner of Evilusions LLC

Sat - 9:00am-10:30am
Brian Warner, the pneumatics man of Evilusions will be covering all the basics of pneumatics systems and how to apply them to haunted attractions. He will be covering everything from what fittings to use, types of cylinders and valves, and safety. If you are an absolute beginner, or just someone hoping to pick up a thing or two that has not been covered somewhere else, you'll like this seminar. Also to be covered are some basics about using prop controllers to automate your pneumatics.

Entertaining the lines at a Haunt

By Matthew Martino of Savage Grace

Sat - 11:00am-Noon
Long lines at a haunt means more customers, more people enjoying your work and a sucessful endevor. But long lines are often a negative experience simply because people do not like to wait and are impatient. But with the proper line entertiainment, the wait becomes part of the show, eases the tension of waititng in a long line and can even be a memorable experience for the customer. This seminar aims to give performing tips to both actors in haunts and owners who would like to train them. It talks about the pace, of line entertaining and what is appropriate to build up to your event. How line entertaining can enhance your haunt and build anticipation. And how to create unique and interesting characters that are memorable and entertaining.

Creating a scary atmospher with sound.

By Jeff Clayton of Recording Stuido/ Salt Corps. Studio

Sat - 1:00pm-2:00pm
Learn how to create sound effects on any budget for your haunted attraction. Get tips on how to turn your computer into a professional recording studio. See a demonstration on the basics of Cakewalk's Sonar 6 producer edition (Similar to most recording software). Find ways to save money and time with Royalty free sound effects as well as inexpenssive sound effects. Learn how to create sounds that will match a props movments. Get a better understanding of sound quailty of music players (mp3, CD, DVD, and any sound chip).

Acting "Outside the Box"

By Roger Miller and Beth Ryan

Sat - 2:00pm-3:00pm
Removing the comfort and predictability of sets, Roger and Beth present a teaching model geared specifically for the outer environs of your haunted attraction that will benefit performers, from novice to expert.

Extream Face Painting

By Nick & Brian Wolfe of The Wolfe Brothers

Sat - 9:00am-10:30am
The Wolfe Brothers, Nick and Brian, will be demonstrating their professional skills at face painting in this step-by-step demonstration, including make-up and their special effects silicone. Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX has revolutionized the Haunted Attraction industry by combining traditional makeup and fast-paced face painting with artistic rendering techniques to create the look of 3 dimensional and prosthetic FX with brushed on makeup alone. The Wolfe Brothers line of highly-pigmented Hydrocolor professional water-based makeup provides the best coverage and brightest black light colors in the business.

"Hands On" Makeup To Die For Workshop

By Bobbie Wiener of Bloody Mary

Sat - 1:00pm-2:00pm
I will be demonstrating a victim whose eye was gauged out by an animal and I will sew the side of his face and eye socket back together. The first 50 people who arrive with a buddy will get a Bloody Mary "Makeup To Die For Kit" so they can join in and follow my demo on their friend. There will be a group shot taken at the end of the workshop of all the "Victims."

Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Industry- Part 2

By Leonard Pickel of Haunted Attraction Magazine

Sun - 9:00am-10:30am
There are many important questions to ask and answer when considering opening a haunted attraction. And usually many more than a hopeful new business owner could ever have guessed! This two-part series addresses the lion's share of the devil hidden in the details of such an ambitious undertaking! This series without question will save any first time haunt owner a fortune in lost energy and revenues!

Non Traditional Forms of Haunting

By Ricky Dick of Castle Blood

Sun - 11:00am-Noon
Haunters are some of the most creative people out there. So how come so many haunts look alike? Ricky Dick of Castle Blood will help you take a long look at what you're doing and go over many different ways to expand on what we call a haunted attraction. And most of all, figure out how to make money at it.

The Importance of Media

By Steven Grimes of Grim1 Promotions

Sun - 1:00pm-2:00pm
This class will discuss the importance of Media in the haunted industry. The class will mainly focus on what is needed for and how to run a media night, but with info about other media and media related events

Basics to 3-D

By Patrick French of HauntedWeb.com

Sun - 11:00am-Noon
Have you ever wanted to add a 3-D element to your Haunt? Or even add a separate event that utilizes 3-D? We can teach you some tips and ideas that can help make your 3-D pop, pow and pizazz your guest.

Designing the Perfect Scare

By Erick Donaldson of Gazall-Lewis & Associates Architects, Inc.

Sun - 1:00pm-2:00pm
Haunt owners spend thousands on elaborate props, distressing, and artwork only to have it all lost in the darkness and fog. From the waiting lines to the grand finally of your haunted attraction, Erick will be breaking down the fundamentals of designing your haunt with the scares and the patron throughput as your main focus. He will also spend time discussing a few room ideas that are proven to get maximum scare with maximum safety every time.

Scenic Painting for the Haunted Attraction

By Nick Collins of See-Nick-Design

Sun - 9:00am-10:30am
Join scenic designer Nick Collins as he shares valuable painting techniques that can be used to transform plain wall panels into realistic faux surfaces. This fun and informative seminar is perfect for those who want to add an increased level of detail to their Haunts and displays through the use of ordinary latex paints and only a few simple tools.

Using body airbrushing in your haunt

By Josh Glisan of Ghouls Gulch

Sun - 11:00am-Noon
In this exciting class you will learn how to do quick and easy airbrush jobs. What products to use, what airbrush to use, as well as how to clean and maintain your equipment wll be covered. Live demos include quick face paintings, arms, hands and legs. As well as one full body suit!! Learn how to do amazing airbrush art in record time, perfect for large acting troupes and for those actors that walk in last minute.