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09-22-2011, 01:07 AM
Couple of things... first off sorry about the missing TOC on the forums. I found out from Shane you could no longer access the chat room. Now you can! Again sorry and thanks to Shane for bringing that to my attention.

Secondly wanted to say we are a couple hours from yet another improvement on our front page of Hauntworld.com. You should be able to check today and see we've once again upgraded the front page. We now will feature videos of our favorite haunted houses, spooky videos and much more ... we want to promote YOUR haunts. We will be uploading a new video to the front page every single day.

The site also features some additional SEO features that help me gain traffic for the site and in turn our advertisers.

Lastly it will include an embed of our facebook page so I highly suggest you join our facebook page because in the end if we have 10,000 or who knows someday 100,000 friends some of those friends could be producers of TV shows to national media. We want to promote the haunted house industry and we'll do everything we can to do so.

I'm spending every single penny I've taken in from selling ads on making this site the best haunt directory, best place to help the media learn about our industry, and the best place to help potential customers of your haunts make that ultimate choice to visit a haunted house! That is our goal!

If you can suggest something to us that helps us achieve that goal please let us know!


09-22-2011, 05:28 AM
Just an FYI... you might see the new updates on the home page live now because they are LIVE NOW... however its not the FINAL version because many modifications must be made and right now its not done. It will take another 24 hours for it to show up correctly. Many things will be smaller so the map ends up another inch higher, the blog comes up nearly 2 inches, there is a button to minimize the blogs, blah, blah blah...

Either way all coming with the day.