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04-10-2007, 01:43 PM
Okay folks... please nominate the best haunted houses, haunted attractions, home haunts whatever...

Tell me which haunts you think are the best and why?

This will be published in the next Hauntworld Magazine.


04-10-2007, 01:58 PM
Okay Folks... the past few years we've been doing a list of the best haunts in America. This list has been published in USA TODAY, and so many more I can't even tell you...

Please nominate a haunted house, tell us why, send us a link to their website, or video on utube. Your haunt CAN make this list... Last year we featured HOME HAUNTS (actully two of them) so we're looking for any type of haunt, home haunts to hayrides or whatever.

You can post your nominations on our board http://hauntworld.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=7983

Or here or to my private email darkrides@sbcglobal.net

The next list will be published in July!

Larry Kirchner

04-10-2007, 02:15 PM
Ok, am nominating The Haunted Vineyard, formerly in California.


The team that built it do attractions for Disney, Universal and many movies. If you get the Haunted Media issue with the video about it, your jaw will drop in amazement at the detail and storyline attention.

04-10-2007, 02:26 PM
I nominate the "DC Cemetery" in Mountain View, CA. http://www.dc-cemetery.com

Their props and attention to detail far surpass most pro-haunts.

04-10-2007, 09:37 PM
USS Nightmare... -Tyler

Baron Von Goolo
04-11-2007, 05:17 AM
I'm terribly proud of FrightTown, here in Portland, OR.


We've got three attractions in 40,000 square feet, our own Halloween TV special and we're proud to say that there is not one single substance that a person can excrete that we didn't scare out of someone at least once.

I personally think that the West is the great frontier for pro haunting now (hooray for Vegas TW!!!) and it would be great to get some attention from a promotion like this out this way.


04-11-2007, 10:25 AM
Of course Verdun Manor for their wonderful attention to detail, But I also wanna say that Cutting Edge in Ft. Worth is one of my all time favorites.

Todd James and his crew always do a good job every year when I go to visit them.

Other than the ones in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I cant really vote for any others.


Dream Reapers is probably the most fun haunted house that I've been too. It's more of the interaction between the patrons and the actors that I like the most.

My all time favorites will be in that order:
1.Verdun Manor
2.Cutting Edge
3.Dream Reapers

04-11-2007, 10:45 AM
I have to agree with Nightgore and nominate THE USS NIGHTMARE.

Every year they seem to add something new and just set the best atmos-fear! It truly is a one of a kind and tops on my list.


Check out some of the pics of the actual boat in action and construction pics at Randy Karshner's Haunted Cincinnati site: http://hauntedcincinnati.com/2006review_ussnightmare.html

The Drege Crawl video is particulary cool!

Randal's House of Doom has some great pic's and write-up as well:

The original haunted steamboat... Come and get the SHIP SCARED OUT OF YA!

04-11-2007, 12:55 PM
I nominate Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion!


I nominate this haunt because the sets are great, the actors are very talented, and this haunt is the most unique I have ever seen! Every attracrtion runs along a story line, engulfing the customers with great, scary, and yet entertaining environment.

-Plus I know kevin and his crew have painted and built haunts for larry in the past... So if you look at haunts such as Bayville screampark, you will see the level of detail that goes into a haunt that kevin and his team creates.

-AND Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion placed #1 haunted attraction in the hudson valley!

---Sean O'Malley

Jolly Pumpkin
04-11-2007, 03:19 PM
Well, once again some of the most underrated haunts may be overlooked on the annual top haunts list. There are haunts in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana that are incredible and rightfully deserve some recognition for their incredible design, acting and great atmosphere. Here are some that I would like to mention.

Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY)

I don't know if you've heard of this haunt or not, but it has gained cult status in Kentucky for being one of the scariest haunts in the United States and rightfully so. The Baxter Avenue Morgue is located in the basement of an actual morgue and once you enter a dark and cold feeling overwhelms you. Many people have chickened out, pissed themselves and just lost control of their bowels. Everything from the incredible acting group that they gather from local creative and performing art groups, to its dark and menacing layout will creep you out to your very core. Before you enter into the haunt you are entertained by a group of actors who perform an accurate Thriller skit with authentic clothing and music. This is an incredible haunt and I know haunts. I visit and review over 50 a year and this is one of the most unique and scary haunts around.

The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY)

The Haunted Hotel is Louisville's oldest and most intense haunt. With almost 20 years under its belt it has scared thousands of people over the years. Located in an actual hotel, this is a haunt that is non stop scares once you enter its dark and damp doors. Using some advanced hollywood props and animatronics and with a handful of intense and in your face actors, its no wonder the police have to block off the streets when this haunt opens. It's crazy, scary and intense as hell. The sound system they use in their haunted elevator costs nearly 10,000 alone and is one of the best in the industry. Even though The Haunted Hotel is a direct competitor of the Baxter Avenue Morgue, they are polar opposites. The Baxter Avenue Morgue is a more theatrical haunt while The Haunted Hotel is an intense and in your face haunt at every angle.

The Haunted School House and Laboratory (Akron, OH)

Two of the oldest haunts in the country get bigger and better every year. With Hollywood sets and amazing homemade scares, it's hard to beat these haunts. With the largest Tesla coil I've ever seen in a haunt and with some immersive sets it will have you jumping and will put a chill down your spine. While The Haunted School House is a mixed bag of themes, the Haunted Laboratory centers around a haunted school lab gone wrong. It includes evil experiments, large aliens and incredible sets. Both of these haunts are amazing and deserve to be on your list.

The Haunted House (AKA Dent School House) (Cincinnati, OH)

This haunted house has been a classic for nearly 30 years and while it has set the standard for Cincinnati haunts, it had become stale over time. In 2006 the owners of the home haunts Majestic Nightmare and Nightmare Manor took over and renovated this haunt and now it has become one of the best themed haunts in the state of Ohio. Everything from the school room setting to the old pealing paint on the walls gives you the sense of being in an actual school. This is one of the best haunts around that's been created by people who truly love the industry.

Buford Haunted School (Buford, OH)

This is one of those gems of a haunt that no one knows about, but is truly one of the scariest places around. Located in a tight and small area of an obanded school is Buford Haunted School. Its rooms are dark and tight and actors are up close and in your face. Characters will pull, bite, turn you around and even blow air in your face. Rooms revolve, trap doors fall and actors emerge from nowhere. This is true terror on a tight budget. Even though this is a charity haunt, it can compete with major big budget haunts any day with its intense actors and scenes. If you can handle this haunt, you can handle any.

There are a lot of incredible haunts in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and rightfully deserve to be on your list and some have, but the ones that I mentioned are unique and absolutely scary. Dead Acres and USS Nightmare are two that I'm glad you included on last years list. I know the people who run both and they are one of a kind. Some other haunts that should be considered part of your list for the first time and for the second are

Fright Manor (Indianapolis, IN)

Fear Fair (Seymour, IN)

USS Nightmare (Newport, KY)

Dead Acres (Columbus, OH)

Middletown's Land of Illusion (Middletown, OH)

The Haunted Spook Coop (Waynesville, OH)

and many more!!

Please remember to visit my site City Blood-Ohio Haunt Reviews (ohioshaunted.com) for the best in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana haunts. You can read full reviews of the best haunts in America and find info, news, pics, forums, articles and much much more.

04-11-2007, 04:20 PM
IMHO, and in no order. Best overall, Dreamreapers, Best sets Terror on the Fox, Best haunt I would most like to see when it is open and staffed: Baxter Ave Morgue. Saw it last year in Feb and it looks like a great haunt. Best haunt I would like to be able to go back and see again: Rockford Screamfest.....

04-11-2007, 04:33 PM
Knott's Scary Farm, yes I consider it an attraction.


Rocky Point...

Raven's Grin Inn

The Darkness... at least the new waterfall room

Terror On the Fox

Morgan Manor

The Scream Extreme, what they put into an event to give it all to charity deserves some sort of praise.

04-11-2007, 05:31 PM
Doooah, how could I forget my favorite unique haunt Ravens Grinn Inn

04-11-2007, 07:21 PM
For me Rocky Point was amazing, it has to be the best haunt I have ever seen! I was completely speechless after going through it.
And Terror on the Fox, a close second place.
Both amazing haunts, glad I don't have them as competitors!

And I'm sure it's tacky to toot my own horn, but if your looking for a home haunt to populate the list...little ol' Heartstoppers Haunted House is pretty great. :wink:


04-11-2007, 07:30 PM
The fact is there are SO many amazing places out there and we have not seen em all, so I can only go with the ones I have persoanlly seen.. I would have loved to see Rocky Point, but alas, its not in the cards. What I did see on my DVD's I know it wouold be on my personal Favorits as would be Pirates of Emmerson, but I never saw that place live either.....I am excited cause I am going to haunt con and they will have us visiting 10 haunts in 3 days! I am sure there will be many more added to my list after that!!

04-11-2007, 08:50 PM
Im going to have to say Terror on the Fox... The detail in the haunt is top notch along with their great actors. The show in front of the house is just simply amazing.. Also you get to ride on a train.. that is something that to me makes terror on the fox stand out as one of the best.

04-11-2007, 09:18 PM
I also want to suggest Dream Reapers... for simply being awesome! -Tyler

04-12-2007, 06:02 AM
No question that Erebus in Pontiac Michigan should make the list. Besides holding the Guinness Book record for largest walk through haunted attraction, it is also one of the most creative haunts around. Using over 40,000 Sq. Ft. it has some of the most interesting rooms I have ever seen.

Ed Terebus and his crew build almost everything themselves. Some of the props and puppets in the haunt rival an amusement parks attraction.

Those of you going to Hauntcon should sign up for the haunt tours. It's worth the money just to see this haunt alone.

I would be remiss without mentioning my own haunt, Deadly Intentions. The reasons I consider our show to rank among the best is our creativity in room design. We completely redesign the haunt every year with many original rooms. We take pride in this because many other haunts that are in permanent locations keep much of their haunts the same every year. We do this on a fairly small budget as well. The biggest reason however is our actors. We have one of the best crews in the business, even our competition agree with this fact. We have been made the offer to purchase some of our ghouls from competing haunts. Many of my cast has been with me for many years. Any newbies that join us either quickly become a worthy part of the family or if they can't meet our expectations, end up working for another haunt.

I don't ever expect to make any list of the top haunts in the country. We do not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on our show. Our sets may not always be the prettiest or most elaborate. We are a through back, old school haunted house that focuses on what I believe the most important thing at a haunted attraction should be. Scaring the crap out of our customers while giving them a very entertaining night out at a reasonable price.

Howie "Slobber" Erlich
Deadly Intentions Haunted House

Jim Warfield
04-12-2007, 07:48 AM
One's customers "Vote" every year slipping those green ballots into our ballot boxes, everything else becomes superfluous.
(Or a pizzing contest?)
If you are doing it your way, having fun, having happy patrons, then you are "The Best" and "Number One!"
(Sounds almost like a song, doesn't it?)

04-12-2007, 08:46 AM
I think The Nightmare Haunted House in Lexington Ky Should be nominated. It is the best Haunted attraction in Lexington and is quickly becomming one of the most popular haunts in Kentucky. Attention to detail is what set it apart from the rest. you can check out their website @ www.2scary.com . I also would say Baxters Ave. Morgue. It's one of my favorites in Ky. My all time favorite is Dead Acres.

04-16-2007, 06:02 PM
yeah, i have my favorates but i'm just saying this. my vote goes to everyone who runs ANY sort'a haunt! my vote goes to your hard work, your scrimping and saving, all to make a dream come true.

i think you all should be included one year or another (instead of the same 'ol same 'ol).

04-16-2007, 06:36 PM
I would like to nominate the Philo Forest of Fright. I am an actor and one of the main characters in the haunt. They are new in the business and I think they did a fabulous job! Bob & Vicki are the owners and they worked very hard! This is located on 45 acres of there own land in Philo Ohio. Vicki did a great job rounding up all volunteers and they treated us all very well. Her website is www.forestoffright.org. The haunt is outdoors, consists of trails that you walk thru, and also had a maze and a hayride. She even has a hearse she calls Mortisha that she gave rides to customers that were celebrating a special occasion. Vicki has great pride in this and all of us from the scream team are standing behind her so she can achieve her goal of becoming one of the best outdoor haunted attractions in ohio. Vicki has appro. 20-25 volunteers and is open only on weekends in October. She not only took care of customer and her workers she even got out there and scared people. The Forest of Fright has alot of awesome scenes, and it is very hard to come up with themes when you are outdoors and in the elements. It is a family oriented haunt. All of us from the Forest of Fright's scream team think this is the best outdoor attraction in Ohio and only to get better. It not all about blood and Gore! We adore her dedication to the haunted attraction industry.

Rock on Forest of Fright! We are behind you all the way! You're haunt is awesome! It is good clean fun and SCARY too.

damon carson
04-18-2007, 02:30 PM
I have to vote for the Darkness. You know that one Larry! I really love what you guys do your are one of the best in the biz if not the best. I would nominate Neatherworld but I've never visited it in person yet.
So there you have it I vote for the Darkness.

04-19-2007, 01:07 PM
i have had the pleasure to visit about 13 haunts in the past 3 years...some of them i have visited 3 years in a row....these haunts are top notch in my book because of attention to detail, actor actress characters, originality, makeup, costumes so on and so forth....not to mention that they have treated me like royalty when i come to act...there are many haunts i believe that belong on this list, but i will put the top three up here in no order....these are the cream of the crop in my opinion


i am goin to visit terror on the fox this yea and act there for a weekend and i am soooo psyched about that....the bad boyz rock, but i cant put them on here yet as that i havent seen their haunt....


04-20-2007, 12:06 AM
I think Thrillvania would be a great choice if I may be so bold. I flew out there last year and was very impressed with the show. It's simply the most unique haunted attraction I've ever seen. It's like a cross between a early 1900's freak show mixed with a modern haunted house. It's truly a Texas legend. They also have a pretty cool website :wink:


04-20-2007, 08:41 AM
Im really excited to see Erebus at HC. I never get the opportunity to visit out of state haunts so this is going to be exciting.

04-20-2007, 11:09 AM

I can't believe you didn't put DarkWood Manor on your list! :evil: Don't be surprised when the horse head shows up in your bed, or worse...you wake up to find John Jenkins beside you in bed! Aaaaaaaaaah!
Just kidding, I wouldn't do that to you. That would be cruel and unusual punishment and I don't want to get sanctioned by the Geneva Convention.


Scary Harry
04-24-2007, 02:48 PM
We would like to nominate Double M's Haunted Hayride in Ballston Spa, NY

Located in Upstate New York, just above Albany, Double M's Haunted Hayride is the capital region's premiere haunted attraction! 2007 will mark our 16th year in the business attracting 20,000 plus patrons each season. Employing over 70 people. Double M is a multi element attraction which includes the highlighted 30 minute hayride with 22 +/- scenes, a haunted house, a haunted outdoor maze and new for this year a day time corn maze & hayride geared to the little screamers. The Double M Haunted Hayrides has become a huge Halloween tradition in this area with so many repeat customers year after year!

Our Haunted Hayride is located behind our retail business', The Double M Western & Tack Stores which has been a family business and local landmark for over 40 years. Based on our western retail business and weekly rodeos in the summer our Hayride is themed Western with Scary Harry, the haunted cowboy being our spokesperson.

05-09-2007, 09:50 PM
Thanks to everyone that has mentioned Terror on the Fox in this thread, your thoughts are very appreciated.

Take care,


05-09-2007, 09:57 PM
Did anyone see the new Best Haunt Logo on the front page of the site? Its a new image I had made by Brainstorm and its in our blog. Check it out.


05-10-2007, 05:41 AM
That's a nice logo. Brainstorm always does great work.

Also, I nominate my haunt, Bennett's Curse.
Castle Blood, Terror on the Fox and Thrillvania as well.


05-10-2007, 11:23 AM
i would like to nominate edge of hell in kansas city mo. it is a very in your face haunted house.

05-10-2007, 05:59 PM
Creepers Haunted House in Atlanta, Georgia. Not because I work there, but because it is an amazing house. Its run by a man and his wife who spend $250,000 or more a year out of their own pockets. They don't have to pay us because they employ people younger than 16, but they pay us anyway. The effects are INCREDIBLE. This past year, we had a working drawbridge and an swamp that you actually took a real boat through.


05-10-2007, 08:49 PM
I went to their website and there wasn't EVEN one photo. DO you know if they have photo's of their attraction?


05-10-2007, 09:06 PM
A Haunt that looks really cool that I haven't seen in person is the 13th Gate. I saw the walk through on the last Hauntworld and was impressed.

They also have hundreds of real snakes in the haunt, and no fatalities yet!


Ben Armstrong

05-10-2007, 09:36 PM
I wanted to share a sneak peek with all the die hard haunters out there of what Terror on the FOX inspired us to create. After seeing their show my build crew was sketching on napkins the whole plane ride home. Here is a private link to a page of our progress on our Castle Facade we started building the week we returned from the Frozen Tundra Tour.


We are completly building a new show from the ground up this year. I was amazed how inspired my crew became from seeing what could be done out of foam. NC's has never seen a haunt like what we are creating this year.

05-11-2007, 02:56 AM

That looks AWESOME!

Great job!!! You should post that as a seperate thread!


05-11-2007, 05:35 AM
Creepers Haunted House in the ATL.

the owners treat us like their own kids and really care. and we dont have anamatronics. all real actors! and this year we had a drawbridge and a swamp with real boats!!!!

Jim Warfield
05-11-2007, 06:29 AM
Check any pulleys that your drawbridge might have. Steel cables can chew into them and you never find this out until a very inopportune moment!
I found using stainless steel cable works the best, lasts the longest.
Of course the part facing the customer are the more authentic looking big chains, but then they don't go through pulleys too good.

05-11-2007, 10:51 AM
The best Haunt has to be Pirates of Emerson, in Ca.
VERY well themed, inside and out! Actors looked GREAT and keep in character.
Main haunt, (went through twice) has a Hell a vator & a vortex tunnel (hate that tunnel, it gets me EVERY time) LOVE the water feature. Great sets, nice suprises.
chain-link fence maze was good & confusing (as it should be)
3D maze was VERY well done, GREAT 3D effects and actors.
The night we went had a cool lazer show outside, along with 2 giant size props that kept your interest while roaming around.
All in All, the best haunt of the season!
Keep it up Karl, you know what works and yet you still added new/fabulous stuff each year!

05-12-2007, 08:07 AM
I would like to nominate Terror Syndicate for the home haunt category.
His original custom props and cool looking designs are definitely some
of the best I've seen. Steve and his props have given many home haunter's
including myself, loads of ideas and inspiration. The haunt improves greatly
from year to year.

Not to mention the very professional web site and awesome product line
he offers.


05-12-2007, 09:45 PM
Here are my three votes:

I second Ron with DreamReapers and Terror on the Fox...
and... I'm sure I'm also seconding (or thirding??!?!)... the amazing, NETHERWORLD!

05-13-2007, 02:49 PM
Erebus is #1. I never thought of those scenes being possible until I saw Erebus at Hauntcon. Good job Terebus brothers.

Ken Spriggs
05-14-2007, 07:33 AM
P.O.E. P.O.E.......

I have helped out and I have been in a few parades with them........
BUT I have never seen the show in action....only on video.

The theme is awesome and it is kept through out the entire production.

Yes Karl and crew should be included.

Karl, I am sending you some help for the BIG parade in a few weeks.....please keep an eye on her for me!!!!
Thanks again for being the great hosts that you and Patti were!!!


05-14-2007, 10:31 AM
i'll vote for pirates of emerson, netherworld, dark raven manor, and terror syndicate.

they all carry a unique feel about their haunt in different ways.. pirates for their unique haunt, netherworld, raven, and syndicate for their unique self made props.


Karl Fields
05-14-2007, 06:38 PM
Sure Ken - we'll take GOOD care of her :)

05-15-2007, 08:05 AM
I want to vote for "Haunted Wisconisn:"

A Theater of Lost Souls
"Great acting, awesome set up. Creates creepy mood"

De Wane Asylum Haunted House
"Very different and unique. Less on the details but still good, more focus on the scares including getting pushed into a morgue freezer one at a time."

Terror on the Fox
"NO REason needed. The Bad Boys just kick I love Jesus"

Burial Chamber / Blood City
Two very detailed haunted attractions under one roof. Awesome acting as well"

Hotel Hell
"Very different set up being inside a actual motel."

The Morgue
"Nothing like a huge slide out the back door to end the haunted house. Good set up and layout for a haunt"

their are more in WI which probley should be included but these are the ones i personaly have been to

05-15-2007, 12:43 PM
I nominate with the utmost confidence Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses in Ulster Park, NY. It is by far the greatest haunted attraction in America, with over 2 ½ hours of bone chilling entertainment that includes 7 attractions and the craziest and zaniest magic show around! You can’t go anywhere on the property with out smelling the aroma of the mouth watering eateries or the sent of flowers from luscious gardens that not only tantalize the nose but are a spectacle to the eye. You will never forget the experience because of variety of gift shops which you can bring a little piece of the Horseman home with you. The movie like sets create a visual masterpiece, and when mixed with professional makeup and a cast of over 100 dedicated actors it makes for a family fun atmosphere that will stick with you till the next year when you go back and it is all brand new with a completely different theme!

Jim Warfield
05-15-2007, 11:18 PM
I nominate the very old stone house on a main street in Freeport, Illinois. It's windows have been boarded up for almost 100 years.
An assassin of one of the presidents of the United States grew up in this house.
The house is no longer a house.
It is a depository of the most evil insanity........

.......so....whenever you need some of this evil insanity, and you are in the neighborhood, you know where to find it.
It is a rusty, broken bloodstained knife in a drawer full of brightly colored plastic spoons.
Those spoons are so dumb.

05-16-2007, 09:55 AM
I'd like to nominate the Mansion of Terror Haunted House in Austin, Texas.

You can see pictures from previous years at www.mansionofterror.com under Media.

05-17-2007, 10:09 AM
Well, I guess I should throw my hat in the ring here.. As I see more and more haunts starting to think about game type haunts, and no gore type haunts, I recall all the times I was laughed at when we started all that in 1993 here at Castle Blood. We're a pro home haunt I guess, since we live here. But we approach everthing as a pro haunt, and all the officials seem to think so too LOL.
We have cool sets, great actors, and a themed show to be proud of and we are. Cool enough to take it onto television now.

so if you aren't familiar with us, please take a moment to take a look.

Jim Warfield
05-17-2007, 02:05 PM
Ravens Grin passed right by television and went right into people's subconscious/dream-lives!
(This is what so many have told me over the last 20 years, of course how one makes an income from this still remains to get figured out?)
It is always alittle scary when people tell me they have been so effected by my mere entertainment here.

05-18-2007, 01:34 AM
Hey I wanted EVERYONE to know I'm reading EVERY post and VIEWING every single website posted here. For example I just went to Mansion Of Terror's website...

Few comments... is that in a mall? Nice website I really like the work there!!! Checked out the pictures very nice. Good job!

Anyway I wanted to let EVERYONE know I'm looking all of these sites over with a fine tooth comb. Keep posting those haunts and we'll keep checking them and looking them over.

Yo Ricky... Castle Blood is probably long over due!!! Do you have any new photos on your site?

Send some links and thanks for the new DVD's!


05-19-2007, 08:51 AM
Hmmm, I can't belive noone has said Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando (www.halloweenhorrornights.com). Maybe this is the wrong category and if so I do apologize. And for the only thing that comes close, very close I might add, to the same level of detail in their haunt I have to nominate Netherworld. Ben and the guys do amazing work there every year.

05-19-2007, 02:35 PM
This year we will change this around...

We're going to do the top five HOME HAUNTS, top five AMUSEMENT PARKS, and two five professional attractions. If your haunt is in your home and you charge an admission fee your haunt is still a home haunted house.

Please nominate best home haunts as well as professional and amusement parks.

The reason for the change is simple... some of these home haunts are so so awesome that we should include more.

Post away.


05-19-2007, 05:17 PM
I nominate the Philo Forest of Fright. This is Muskingum county's largest outdoor haunted trails and maze. This is the 2nd year and we are extemly proud. :P


Thank you,

Forest of Fright Scream Team

05-19-2007, 05:52 PM
Well now that we are including home haunts let me nominate:

Boney Island:
Rick Polizzi's (producer of The Simpsons) Giant yard haunt consiting of hundreds of skeletons.

Rustwhick Manor:
My home haunt, changes themes and is built from scratch every year (last year was ASYLUM), never the same haunt. Don't charge admission or accept donations. Working on the site but a video is here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=WvuY4BrYpGc
I have some pics, email me if you want them.

Hallowed Haunting Grounds:
They ran for over 30 years up until last year. Truely amazing, better than disney.

Iron Wolf
05-19-2007, 06:39 PM
I am nominating a home haunt from last year that made your top 13 list, and now I hear they are going pro this year: Haunted Overload at Coppal House Farm. Their website is:

www.hauntedoverload.com / www.nhcornmaze.com

This is an AMAZING haunt with incredible effects and details. The creator makes everything himself! Tickets will be sold this year, and I am sure they will sell out fast!

You definitely have to check them out!

Iron Wolf

Dead End Haunted House
05-20-2007, 03:29 PM
I nominate my own.... Dead End because i am 14 and put the whole thing together and is one of the coolest haunted houses new for 2007 in utah!

I also nominate Rocky Point because even though all of their stuff is auctioned off i really think they deserve to be #1 they have the best haunt ever!

Also castle of chaos because it is unique and scary the owner is way nice and should get a nomination!

Nightmare on 13th because it is really scary!

Halloween Horror Nights
It is sooooooo scary and has really cool effects plus a creepy website

05-20-2007, 03:39 PM
I then also nominate Fearfest at Kings Island Theme Park. It continues to grow into one of the biggest theme park haunts on the east coast! -Tyler

05-20-2007, 09:41 PM

Thanks for the first nomination (that I saw) for Castle Blood with your post.

Ricky is often too modest when it comes to the list of accomplishments. Some of which have come from "non-industry" places such as articles in national tourist and magic magazines, a television show based upon the goings-on at the attraction, too many awards in costuming to list, and simply being one of the longest-running attractions in a very competitive region. People have traveled from Cailifornia, New England, Florida, and Chicagoland (and many places in between) to both see and work the attraction. Not bad for being a haunt in an town that is so small that it doesn't even have mail delivery!


05-20-2007, 10:06 PM
I will go ahead and Nominate My haunted House: THE HOUSE OF HORRORS AND HAUNTED CATACOMBS. We are definately one of the largest if not THE largest indoor haunted house in the United States. We are located in a permanent 80,000 sq ft facility and currently are using around 65,000 sq ft as actual haunt space, and expanding this year. We have 4 attractions in our facility 2 of which change each year. We are now going into our 6th season and there are not many haunts out there that can rival the vast size of my event. For 3 years I Opened as the HOUSE OF HORRORS, then put the oldest and Largest Haunted house in buffalo, ny THE HAUNTED CATACOMBS out of Business and shortly thereafter bought them out. So now I run Both these enormous Haunts in one huge facility as well as 2 smaller attractions in the same Building.
I have over 100 animations easy-Tons of the biggest props from scarefactory, distortions, etc. We could practically run the haunt with no actors..lol..there is that many! Actually as far as actors on weekends we usually have 60 + actors throughout the houses and have has as many as 80 a night. Regularly have friends of mine in the heavy metal world come through the Haunted house and have had several Bands such as The Misfits, Gwar, and Danzig come through the haunt and love it! I have spent lots of money at Transworld this year and am going to really one up th show we had last year. I definately think we are deserving of being one of top haunts in the country! Check out or website-have quite a few pics up there!


06-05-2007, 07:49 PM

We're going to feature several categories this year for our new and improved Hauntworld Top 13 List...

I need you NOW to not only nominate the best haunts but in addition the following area's as well...

1) Best Overall Haunted Attraction (Top 13) Nominate up to 13 attractions.

2) Best Haunted Hayride (Top 3) Nominate up to 5 attractions

3) Best Home Haunt (Top 5) Nominate up to 5 attractions

4) Best Haunt in a Unique Location (Prison, Hospital, Cave, Boat, etc) (Top 3)

5) Best Haunted House TV Commerical on YouTube (Top 5)

6) Best Haunted Attraction Website (Top 5) Must supply link to website.

7) Best Tour Driven Haunted Attractions (Top 3) Why?

8) Best All Outdoor Haunted Attractions (Top 3)

9) Best Amusement Park Haunted Events (Top 5)

10) Best Year Around Haunted Houses (Top 5)

Does your haunt meet any of these? Would you like to nominate your haunted house? Would you like to nominate someone elses haunted house? Every haunt from this list will be given HauntWorld.com's seal of being a top attraction in AMerica and be featured in the next Hauntworld Magazine and on our website under America's Best Haunts.

Start the final nominations. All winners will be revealed in the July issue of Hauntworld Magazine.

Larry Kirchner

06-05-2007, 08:09 PM
1. Uss Nightmare, Baxter Ave. Morgue, The Darkness, DreamReapers, Netherworld, Terror on the Fox.

2. Headless Horseman

3. Terror Syndicate, The House (Gwen)

4. Uss Nightmare (Boat).. The Haunted House (actual school)

9. Fearfest at Kings Island, Mason Ohio.

10. Ravens Grin Inn


06-05-2007, 08:32 PM

06-06-2007, 12:03 AM
I like the new category Idea. Our haunt definitely fits into the
all outdoor attraction category. With a super scary new location on a 78 acre farm,
our haunt features a 6 acre corn maze. With monsters towering 34 feet
above the crowd we have no choice but to be all outdoors! The haunt
is so detailed it will be open during the day with no actors so people
can enjoy it and pick up on the details they missed while they were running
through it at night. Such things as chainsaw carved tree monsters and
a real headless horseman are just some of the exciting new additions to
our extremely unique haunted attraction. I also think our name says
it all........ HAUNTED OVERLOAD.

Thanks for the consideration,


06-06-2007, 05:38 AM
Spookywoods is located in an over grown 90,000 square foot Christmas Tree Farm. This not only creates an incredible atmosphere for a haunt, but it very unique in the industry of warehouse haunts as well.

Just my .000002

06-06-2007, 09:19 AM
Hi Larry,
We feel that Castle Blood should not only be nominated in the main 13 category, but should also be considered for the tour driven category as well.
We started our Adventure Game style of haunt in 1993 where people are on a quest type tour. Since then many people are making a name for themselves by going to this format, both locally and around the country. That's all good. I can't expect to get the coverage we do, and not inspire others to try the same thing.
But a bit of recognition for being at the front of the line would be cool.

As for Home Haunt, we are in a pretty gray area. Much like Ravens Grin, or Dr Lady's Horror Hotel, we DO live where we haunt, but like these others, we approach our place just like every other seperate property attraction.
But since Horror Hotel made your top list one year, please consider us for that as well.

06-06-2007, 10:02 AM
1. Netherworld, The Darkness, Terror on the Fox, Dream Reapers, The 13th Gate, House of Horrors Buffalo, Silo-X, Frightworld Buffalo, Nightshade Manor, Raycliff Manor, Turbidite Manor, Baxter Avenue Morgue, Erebus

2. Headless Horseman, Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, Tombstone Hayride

3. The Scream Extreme, Heartstoppers, DC Cemetary

4. Eastern State Penetentiary, USS Nightmare

5. Netherworld

6. House of Horrors Buffalo www.houseofhorrorsbuffalo.com (http://www.houseofhorrorsbuffalo.com)


8. Kersey Valley Spookywoods, Haunted Overload

9. Knotts Scary Farm, Universal Horror Nights

10. Ravens Grin Inn

Karl Fields
06-06-2007, 11:46 PM
1) Best Overall Haunted Attraction (Top 13) Nominate up to 13 attractions.
Netherworld, The Darkness, Dream Reapers, Bates Motel & Hayride, KV Spookywoods, Erebus, Headless Horseman, 13th Gate, Pirates of Emerson, Nightmare on 13th, Terror on the Fox, Hangman’s House of Horrors, Niles Haunted House

2) Best Haunted Hayride (Top 3) Nominate up to 5 attractions
Headless Horseman, Bates Motel & Hayride, Shocktoberfest

3) Best Home Haunt (Top 5) Nominate up to 5 attractions.
DC Cemetery, HeartStoppers, Rebel Yell, Haunted Overload, Terror Syndicate

4) Best Haunt in a Unique Location (Prison, Hospital, Cave, Boat, etc) (Top 3)
Eastern State Penitentiary

5) Best Haunted House TV Commercial on YouTube (Top 5)

6) Best Haunted Attraction Website (Top 5) Must supply link to website.

7) Best Tour Driven Haunted Attractions (Top 3) Why?
Castle Blood

8) Best All Outdoor Haunted Attractions (Top 3)
KV Spookywoods

9) Best Amusement Park Haunted Events (Top 5)
Knotts Scary Farm

10) Best Year Around Haunted Houses (Top 5)
Raven Grin

06-07-2007, 12:42 AM
It would be my honor to nominate DEAD ACRES / HAUNTED HOOCHIE of Columbus Ohio. This haunted house is and has been overlooked ( for years ) Dead Acres is above many haunts on so many levels, they have always made allot of custom scenes that were just so much more advanced than allot of others out there. And on the Scare Scale 1 - 10 any "patron or haunter would give it a solid 9 - 9 1/2. Any patron from around the area rates haunted houses on the Haunted Hoochie scale from 1 - 10 . As a matter of fact, last year a group of " non-haunters " and myself set out to visist a few haunts and it wasnt long before someone said.... " yeah that place wasnt bad but nothing like Haunted Hoochie. "
Tim and the guys kick ass each and every year, they are definitely the best Ohio has to offer. Definitely one of the best in the nation ! Its a shame noone has noticed them untill recently. The Haunted Hoochie / Dead Acres crew are famous among the patrons for putting on a hell of a show. The talk amongst the patrons is " Bang For Your Buck " I was in line last year a few times and that seemed to be what patrons were complaining about, patrons were unhappy about spending the doe and not getting the delivery. BUT believe it or not.... EVERY TIME I HEARD PEOPLE COMPLAINING SOMONE BROUGHT UP DEAD ACRES / HAUNTED HOOCHIE !!!!!! They would say, you have been to the worst now you MUST check out Dead Acres. Dead Acres kicks ASS and takes names and should definitely be nominated.......... HELL YEAH !

06-07-2007, 07:38 AM
That is one intense show, that is for sure, and the realism of the sets is amazing.
They are hard core, they remind me most of another famous show I haven't seen, The House of Shock - Minus the Devil stuff.



Jolly Pumpkin
06-08-2007, 05:06 PM
Here are my nominations for the best of the best. I got tired of typing so I will finish up my nominations some other time.

Top 13 Haunts

(1)Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Buena Park, CA)
(2)The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY) Tie Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY)
(3)Terror Behind The Walls (Philadelphia, PA)
(4)The Haunted Laboratory Tie The Haunted School House (Akron, OH)
(5)Netherworld (Atlanta, GA)
(6)Terror on The Fox (Greenbay, WI)
(7)Verdun Manor at Thrillvania (Terrell, TX)
(8)Erebus Haunted Attraction (Pontiac, MI)
(9)The Haunted House (Cincinnati, OH)
(10)Bates Motel Haunted Hayride (Glen Mills, PA)
(11) Raven's Gin Inn (Mount Caroll, IL)
(12)Nightmare in The House of Wax (Mansfield, TX)
(13)Turbidite Manor

Best Haunted Hayride

(1) Bates Motel (Glen Mills, PA)
(2) Headless Horseman
(3) Springboro Haunted Hayride (Lebanon, OH)

Best Haunt in A Unique Location

(1) Lewisburg Haunted Cave (Lewisburg, OH) 80 feet underground
(2) Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY) in the basement of a morgue
(3) Terror Behind The Walls (Philadelphia, PA) Eastern State Penetentary

Best Amusement Park Haunted Events

(1) Knotts Scary Farm Halloween Haunt (Buena Park, CA)
(2) Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Studios)
(3) Six Flags Fright Fest (New Jersey)
(4) FearFest (Mason, OH)

Best Haunted House TV Commercial On YouTube

(1) Erebus Haunted Attraction (Pontiac, MI)

(2) Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Studios)

(3) The 13th Gate Haunted House (Baton Rouge, LA)

(4) The Haunted Hollow (Cleveland, OH)

(5) Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY)

Best Haunted Attraction Website

(1) Terror on The Fox
(2) Raycliff Manor
(3) Thrillvania
(4) Chamber of Chills
(5) Field of Terror

Best Year Around Haunted Houses

Ravens Grin Inn (Mount Carroll, IL)

06-08-2007, 09:34 PM
i hate to tell you the truth about baxter's morgue (jolly pumpkin) but it's not actually held in the basement of a morgue!. nope that acutuall morgue is up a little ways from the haunt location. don't feel bad noah, i thought it was too! lol

however waverly hills sanatarium has a haunt in the actual building!! waverly hills is noted to be one of the most haunted places in the US. some strange things happen in there.

also i would vote for the uss nightmare for being a unique haunted house location!

sidenote: thank you larry for posting the uss nightmare you tube video on haunt world youtube link!!!

Jolly Pumpkin
06-08-2007, 10:12 PM
With my list I'm trying to be biased with the haunts that I choose. I mean I could just choose only Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana haunts that I've been to, but that would be wrong to do and a lot of great haunts would not be recognized. As for Waverly Hills Sanatorium there are tons of haunts located in hospitals and their haunt isn't that great to being with. It's way overpriced and you'll be wating hours and hours in line for a haunt that is only popular because of the history of the building it's in. USS Nighmare is a unique location, but once again there are other haunts out there that use a boat. So really there aren't many unique locations for a haunt. There ae many haunts around the country that use boats, prisons, caves, hospitals so it's really hard to choose a location that is unique becuase the locations are really only unique to that area.

06-09-2007, 03:53 PM
WOW! Almost 75 Haunts nominated so far!

These haunts have four or more votes, love the new categories too!

Terror on the Fox – 10

NetherWorld – 8

DreamReapers – 7

USS Nightmare – 5

Erebus – 5

The Darkness – 5

Verdun Manor – 4

Baxter Avenue Morgue – 4

Ravens Grin Inn – 4

Headless Horseman – 4

Pirates of Emerson - 4

Castle Blood – 4


RJ Productions
06-09-2007, 04:01 PM
Of course I submit my own haunts The Asylum and Hotel in Las Vegas.

The only bad part about us nomination haunts is most people never get to actually SEE any of these haunts. We might only get to see ones in our area or associated with special events, Netherworld at IAAPA, Rocky Point for "Scream Break". So we end up nominating attractions based on name recognition or merely the web site.

Disadvantage is a relly cool web site doesn't necessarily mean it's a good haunt. I NOT saying this as a rule, just little things like Baxter Ave Morgue's story is the basement of a Morgue (which maybe it was once) now it's down the block. Our attractions are mobile, it was a parking lot the month before. Yet I have been contacted several times from people outside our industry thinking it is a REAL brick and mortar building and they want to tour it!!! Paranormal investigators from London, New York, West Virginia, even Cris Angel wanted to film an espisode!!

People vote Knotts Scary Farm first. They were the inovators to be sure. But has the quality kept pace with the ownership changes in the park??? Universal has done a great job and Robbi Lepre is extrememly dedicated to Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream creating now only a great attraction but one the rest of the theme park haunts looks up to as an inovator! I've been to Knotts about 5 years ago, it wasn't that good that year. Maybe Busch is actually the better haunt now.

This is in no means any discredit to ANY of the haunts memtioned so far. There are haunts that have name regonition and haunts that live up to that regonition. I liked the fact that Larry had actually seen alot of the attractions that he listed as the Top 13. He had the opportunity because of a convention to actually go through my attraction. If he hadn't I sure woulod not have made the Top 13. But he did go through and was impressed enough to have us make the list.

I'm just afraid that there are some really great attractions out there that should get the regonition, but won't because they aren't in the "limelight". If I had a better suggestion I would post it, but I don't. Any suggestions?

06-09-2007, 04:14 PM
I agree with you Rich, I have already been "Bitch Slapped", so to speak for this very issue of being listed.

To make a list of Top Attractions is fun, but it should not be taken so dam serious to loose friends over it.

We might as well say the best haunt is the one with the biggest marketing budget. But then that would not be fair to the place that may be the scariest dam thing you ever seen, but no one knows about it.

How about a list based on the haunted attractions that has been in operation the longest. That would surely be a sign of at least a good business operation. If you suck at making it profitable, then you don't get to continue doing business. Simple formula, but true. I nominate my haunt for 23 years in a row same location, same owner and counting. How bout that?

Jolly Pumpkin
06-09-2007, 08:15 PM
I've been to many of the haunts that I've nominated and many of them aren't in the mainstream. The Baxter Avenue Morgue for instance isn't a haunt that is nationally recognized and has never really gotten the credit it has deserved. The Haunted School House in Akron, OH has been around nearly 40 years and hasn't been on the list yet. I believe that it was going to be on the list one year, but they never submitted their information. The same with The Haunted Laboratory which has been around nearly 30 and those are on my top haunts list. The Haunted House in Dent, OH has been around nearly 30 years and has gotten little to no recognition by the haunt industry. The Haunted Hotel in Louisville, KY has been legendary in Kentucky for nearly 20 years yet when I bring it up, it seems like the only ones who know about it are people from Louisville, KY. It took USS Nightmare nearly 20 years to get on the top haunts list and recognized. The Haunted Hoochie had been around nearly 15 years and after 3 years of being Dead Acres it was finally in the mainstream. There are tons of haunts that have been around for years and years, but aren't recognized nationally till years down the road

Now The Haunted Hoochie was legendary, but many had never head of it until it was in HauntWorld Magazine. 90% of the people I talk to have never been to The Haunted Hoochie when it was open. Everyone has their opinions of what are the greatest haunts. I mean I've visited at least half of last year's top haunts list. I think a lot of great haunts are left out on the list, but that's what happens. It's based on votes more than anything and I think that if you left it up to one individual it would be extremely biased. Another reason for the list is shine light on haunts that don't get the credit they deserve. I could go into why I nominated each of my haunts, but that would get very boring. They all exceed in one area or the other. There are a lot haunts that I wanted to choose, but they've been on the list and I've chose them before.

06-11-2007, 04:27 PM
You can't talk about Ohio haunts unless you recognize the king first. Terror Town in Toledo, Oh is one of the biggest and best haunted attractions from Cincinatti to Columbus to Cleveland!
The Terror Town crew is a very special select group of individuals committed to the premier show of the midwest. The attraction grows bigger every year and includes some truly unique and ONE-OF-A-KIND props and events.
The owner also doesn't skimp on the big monsters either. The big animatronics are placed through out the haunt to coincide with the theme of the season. Terror Town is constantly on the edge of design and haunt conception. Never getting distracted by "industry trends".
All in all, this is the best show around!

06-11-2007, 06:28 PM
I finally posted some pictures of my Home Haunt , Rustwhick Manor.

Again, last years theme was ASYLUM. We change the theme every year and build a freestading haunt from scratch starting mid october. All for just ONE NIGHT. ( and we don't even charge !!! ) ..

Here are the pics:


06-12-2007, 09:05 PM
I know most of our opinions are a little biased, I know mine is, but I wanted to thank everyone that voted for heartstoppers as a great home haunt. We have spent countless hours and a heck of a lot of our own money to put in a great amount of detail to the haunt, so it means a lot when others acknowledge the work. I would also like to give a very special thank you to Karl of Pirates of Emerson for giving us a shot with The Haunting Fields.

And if its not to late to make it count, I'll add my 2 cents.

1. terror on the fox, and rocky point

3. heartstoppers haunted house, dc cemetery, and rebel yell.

4. Eastern State Penitentiary

6. headless horseman at www.headlesshorseman.com and eureka screams at www.eurekascreams.com (the tinkle tally rules!)

8. scream extreme

9. knotts scary farm, and universal studios

10. ravens grin inn

thats all that i can think of, hope it helps.

06-14-2007, 02:40 AM
Any more comments or idea's post them now... we're going to close this out this Friday! Last chance. Everything said will be considered. Take care. Larry

06-14-2007, 02:44 AM
Oh and by the way... its VERY hard for me to visit these attractions via the web when you don't post a URL!

Some of the attractions you've listed have been featured before and may not be featured again. We're trying to make the list over 50% or atleast 50% new, different than last year.

So last chance... post URL's to websites and vote away.

Then I'll have the fun job of visiting all these sites! LOL


06-14-2007, 02:58 AM
1) Best Overall Haunted Attraction (Top 13) Nominate up to 13 attractions.

1 Netherworld (Georgia)
2 Dream Reapers (Illinois)
3 Realm of Terror (Illinois)
4 Darkness ( Missouri )
5 Terror on the Fox (wisconsin)
6 Ravens Grin (Illinois)
7 Raycliff Manor
8 House of Shock
9 Dead Acres
10 Verdun Manor

2) Best Haunted Hayride (Top 3) Nominate up to 5 attractions
(havent visited any in years)

3) Best Home Haunt (Top 5) Nominate up to 5 attractions

1. DC Cemetry
2. Terror Syndicate

6) Best Haunted Attraction Website (Top 5) Must supply link to website.

1 Terror on the Fox (www.Terroronthefox.com
2 The Realm of Terror (www.realmofterror.com)
3 thrillvania (www.thrillvania.com)
4 Scarefest (larry i think you know this one... ;) )
5 netherworld (http://www.fearworld.com/)

7) Best Tour Driven Haunted Attractions (Top 3) Why?

1 ravens grin

9) Best Amusement Park Haunted Events (Top 5)

1 knotts
2 universal

10) Best Year Around Haunted Houses (Top 5)

1 ravensgrin
2 Grimm Manor

06-14-2007, 10:00 AM
I'm honored so many like the Thrillvania Website as one of the best! Thanks! I want to nominate a haunted house commercial located on YouTube.com The commercial was for The Nest Haunted House in Arizona. The company that did it did an amazing job. Check it out:

The Nest Haunted house Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d355Vu9kWNU

06-14-2007, 11:19 AM
Don't know if i already contributed to this but whatever.

1. Erebus- Been to it very unique Haunt.

2. Realm of Darkness- Very detailed.

3. The Darkness- Never been to it but looks awesome from the photos i've seen.

4. Netherworld- Same as The Darkness

06-14-2007, 09:01 PM
I'd like to nominate the USS Nightmare.

I grew up in an area that didn't have many (if any) haunts, but moving to the Cincinnati area has really opened me up to the experience. Ever since the move, I've visited many haunts and become a major fan of the experience. Of all those, the USS Nightmare has been one to really stick out in my memory. Each year it keeps getting better and better!


06-14-2007, 09:53 PM
Thanks to everyone who nominated Heartstoppers Haunted House for one of the top home haunts. Since Larry asked for the url's to the nominations, I thought I would take a moment to share ours. Check it out!


Thanks again,


06-15-2007, 12:54 AM

Who made that NEST commercial...that was awesome!


06-15-2007, 01:28 AM
The Nest Commercial was done by a local CW affiliate in the Pheonix market. They basically took the music, photos and graphics that I created for the Nest site, shot some video on their own and turned it into a kick ass commercial! Definitely the best station made commercial I've ever seen!

06-15-2007, 02:38 PM
I'd like to nominate the USS Nightmare for top 13, and unique location. The ship is a 85 year old rusty dredge ship. Even with the lights on its spooky. There is a good story line, good detail, great makeup, with very little use of masks. Lots of detail in lighting and sound. All around a very good show.

06-15-2007, 07:24 PM
... and that would be www.ussnightmare.com -Tyler

Jolly Pumpkin
06-15-2007, 08:51 PM
Yeah, I have to second that. They use Hollywood lighting, incredible makeup, detailed sets and some unique animatronics you don't see anymore. The only reason I didn't list them is because they've been on the list before and I had to exclude someone. There is something mysterious about USS Nightmare and how the fog floats over the water and how you can hear its creepy music from the shore. The steam boat has rusting metal and peeling paint from the outside and looks very rustic. It's one of those haunts that really draws people into the experience because of the creepy setting it creates using an old steamboat. It's a weird experience being able to see the Ohio river through a window of inside the haunt or hear the waves hit against the boat. You can't recreate the experience using a building. This place just looks haunted to begin with and that really creates tension before you even enter the haunt. Also the owners and workers of this haunt truely love the indstry and the behind the scenes is very organized and unique.

Jim Warfield
06-16-2007, 01:36 PM
I once read in a book listing all of the U S Navy ships about a ship called "The President Warfield"! It was a great lakes excursion steamer built maybe 100 years ago, then WW1 began and it was put into service as an ocean-going troop transport! Yikes!
It was junked around 1947?
That would have been my "haunted ship!
(And boy would it be rusty NOW!)

06-21-2007, 02:29 AM
OK. I am happy to announce my nomination for the best haunt. I have visited over 30 haunts in my years, and have acted in over 20, and I nominate Netherworld Haunted House. Why? Because Ben Armstrong knows how to give his crowd everything they want! First of all Ben is probably the best actor in his haunt, and he spends a lot of time and effort training his actors on how to improv and give customers unique scares. From the actors at the front door setting the mood, to the many pop-out actors throughout the haunt, to the "sliders" outside who startle and entertain the customers before they get into their cars and leave. Secondly, the sets are some of the biggest and most detailed you will ever see. He changes the theme every year into a cohesive show that is interesting and easy to follow for the customers. Thirdly, there is a lot of spectacle (ie., "eye candy") including huge animatronic monsters (that he takes the time to customize) that loom way over people's heads, bungy jumpers, as well as actors suspended from wires above who "float" in a creepy macabre manner over the crowd. Lastly, Ben has a very effecient makeup room with a key group of artists who have been there for many years (they even let me help out when I visit). They crank out somewhere around 60-70 actors each night! Roy is one of the best airbrush artists I've ever seen, and Sabrina makes sure everyone is done and in their places on time. From the actors to the awesome sets and spectacle-everything adds up to an experience for the customers that is like a roller coaster ride or a freight train out of control. People come out the back door panting and over-come by emotion. A lot of them have to stop and catch their breath before carrying on. Very few haunts deliver on every level that is important to giving each customer a thrilling, unique, heart-pounding adventure that resonates with them for hours (or even days). Netherworld is such a haunt!

Geoff Beck

07-02-2007, 08:48 AM
I nominate the best haunted house, to be the Cutting Edge Haunted House!
*****5+ Stars! This place just rocks! I like coming back every year! :D


This place totally rocks! I really like the chainsaw guys, and the darkness - the darkness just overwhelms you and leaves you bewildered in wondering what's going to occur next. I just love the chill factor that the whole haunted house gives. The sudden surprises, jumping out every now and then, and the colorful arrangements of the sets, costumes and actors are just a-w-e-s-o-m-e! :D

Jim Warfield
07-03-2007, 08:09 AM
Recently new customers at the Ravens Grin Inn have actually been caught on video saying things like :"YYYIIIII!!AAAUUGH! This is the best haunted house, or whatever this is, that I have ever been to!"
I love the scream, so real, loud and sincere that came before the testimonial.
Some of these screams lasted 15 seconds before they calmed down and could speak again, but the main thing is is that they were extremely happy with what I was providing for them, being open year round and all.....

07-03-2007, 12:01 PM
Hey everyone, I had a free moment so I wanted to throw in my two cents based on the haunts I've visited.

1) Best Overall Haunted Attraction (Top 13) Nominate up to 13 attractions.

Erebus (MI)
Rocky Point (Utah)
Terror on the Fox (Wisconsin)
Netherworld (Georgia)
Niles haunted House (MI)
Shocktoberfest (PA)
Bates Motel (PA)
Terror Behind the Walls (PA) Hey, we can vote for ourselves right? Jason and his crew are building a lot of great new things this year! I'm really proud of our 2007 show. Hopefully some of you will have the chance to visit.

2) Best Haunted Hayride (Top 3) Nominate up to 5 attractions
Shocktoberfest (PA)
Bates Motel (PA)

4) Best Haunt in a Unique Location (Prison, Hospital, Cave, Boat, etc) (Top 3)

I hear there is a massive haunted house in a real prison in Philadelphia... I think it's call Terror Behind the Walls.

6) Best Haunted Attraction Website (Top 5) Must supply link to website.

Terror Behind the Walls (www.TerrorBehindtheWalls.com

9) Best Amusement Park Haunted Events (Top 5)

Busch Gardens

10) Best Year Around Haunted Houses (Top 5)

Ghostly Manor

07-03-2007, 01:01 PM
1) Best Overall Haunted Attraction (Top 13) Nominate up to 13 attractions.

Terror Behind the Walls (PA)
Rocky Point (Utah)
Shocktoberfest (PA)
Bates Motel (PA)

2) Best Haunted Hayride (Top 3) Nominate up to 5 attractions
Shocktoberfest (PA)
Bates Motel (PA)

4) Best Haunt in a Unique Location (Prison, Hospital, Cave, Boat, etc) (Top 3)


6) Best Haunted Attraction Website (Top 5) Must supply link to website.

Terror Behind the Walls www.TerrorBehindtheWalls.com
Rocky Point www.rockypointhauntedhouse.com

Dan Faupel
07-03-2007, 01:12 PM
I would have to say that the best haunt I have been to has got to be Netherworld...Ben's actors and scenes are unmatched...

I would also have to give a vote to Erebus, for how hands-on and innovative they are with their scares...another vote would have to go to Raven's Grin, for how unique Jim's show is...

The next time I am in PA, I'm definitely coming up to check out your show Brett!

07-04-2007, 08:01 AM
My nominations could fit into several categories so I will just list them instead.

1. SHOCKTOBERFEST - I've been a fan for the past 5 years. I didn't see Shocktoberfest in many people's lists, have you all not been there? I guess not. I would compare Shocktoberfest to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights because of the scale and imagination. You know how so many (too many) other events are painted plywood and floodlights? Not Shocktoberfest. I usually ride each attraction several times to get a good look at the sets and effects (something I do at Universal too, I love to know how things work). I'm not an expert on the haunted house industry but way too many times I recognize the same props and gags at every place I go. Not Shocktoberfest, it must all be custom. There are scenes on the hayride with effects like I've only ever seen at Univeral. The prison of the dead is so over the top, it's an overwhelming experience. The asylum is tight and scary, and last year it went 3d, but was done very tasefully. So if you guys/girls haven't been there yet, do yourself a favor and visit this year, and you'll agree with me. Shocktoberfest raises the bar! Ok enough gushing...

2. EASTERN STATE - There might not be as many high tech effects as Shocktoberfest, but Eastern State never disappoints with the sheer scale and sexyness of their buldings. And that's not to say Eastern State relies solely on their environment, their actors are the best I've ever seen at a haunted house event. What do they pay those guys? I remember standing in line and an actor was wrapped inside and around a chain link fence with gallons of ooze coming out of his nose, and didn't move. He looked like a prop until you got real close, and then he'd move. All without blinking. Serious acting! Eastern State is never a disappointment, so if you're visiting Shocktoberfest this year, drive the extra 45 minutes and hit up Eastern State too! (we always visit both each year!)

3. UNIVERSAL HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS - What can you say about this? Look at all the work that must go into completety reinventing the theme every year. Of course they have the budget to do so but they pull it off and always entertain. I think many people believe this is the best it can get but honestly I think people are not taking a subjective view of HHN. You got to forget they have a killer budget (no pun), creative artists on staff, and an entire theme park that already exists, and just look at HHN for what it is. It's impressive but not entirely.

Some additional thoughts:

I have only visited about a dozen events over the years, these are my top three. I am not going to bash other events so I will leave them nameless. And it's hard to say a particular event is the best in the country when I haven't seen other people's top 3 personally. But I will say this. Every year you see places billing themselves as top-this or top-that in the country and I have visited plenty of those places. They're not on my list and here's why:

1. They don't innovate - I am tired of seeing the same props, same jumpy skeleton effects. I think they all buy their props from the same companies and it's weak.

2. They're thrown together - I am tired of seeing black plastic walls or painted plywood that some kid used spray paint on.

3. Nothing is new - Maybe I'm just too much of a fan but I'm tired of going somewhere year after year and not seeing anything new, and believe me I look hard for new stuff cause I dig it. So you know what, I stopped going to a lot of places. You have to earn my business back, and by the way I usually bring a bus of 40+ friends so you're losing a bus full of patrons.

4. Disappointment - "top haunt in america" "ranked #1 by blah blah" .. then I get there and it's garbage.

5. Inconsistency - Please try to have a consistent theme. Nothing is more lame than sitting on a hayride and going through a UFO scene followed by a wild wild west theme and then freddy krueger jumps out. Are we supposed to believe every scary thing in the world is all wrapped up in your little hayride? It's lame. Come up with something fresh and run with it.

So to all the events out there (from a halloween fanatic): If you consider your event (and bill your event) as top in the country (or maybe just the area) ask yourself, have you really seen all the haunts in the country? If your event suffers from the items on my list above then sorry you are not top anything. It's 2007 guy, visit my top 3 haunts, do some homework and improve your event for next year because you have very very tight competition with Shocktoberfest, Eastern State, and Universal. Until then, you're not top anything.

This has been one halloween fan's personal views, please take it personally :)

07-04-2007, 08:34 AM
I would like to nominate our haunt commercial for Best Haunt Commercial, it was created by VOXVID in Denver, CO. I think he did a fantastic job.

Extended Version

Click Here For Extended Version On Haunttube (http://www.haunttube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=d7fbdea1afc51c7c6ad2&page=1&viewtype=&category=mv)

30 Second Version

Click Here For 30 Second Version On Haunttube (http://www.haunttube.com/view_video.php?viewkey=8ab9159f51fd0297e236&page=1&viewtype=&category=mv)



07-05-2007, 11:50 AM
As a now-retired (!) pro-haunter since I was in high school oh so long ago & a very visual person, I am really hard to impress when it comes to haunts. I LOVE haunts, but I don't get scared easily, and since I have seen a lot of haunts and have seen many many haunt videos and try to hit all the tours at the conventions, I feel jaded. See a few cool things here and there... Also, never got to see Rocky Point and haven't been to POE yet which seem to be 2 on everyone's top lists!

I went on the frozen tundra tour and was more than blown away by Terror on the Fox. Visually stunning sets that delighted and amazed all your senses (including forced heat into the hell scene, great sounds, incredible lighting, textured walls & ceilings and floors), on target actors, line entertainment that wasn't just a monster breathing in your ear, extremely professional staff at every step of tour. I could not have asked for anything more to make it better. And this was all in the off-season. I could only imagine the place running at full steam during the halloween season!

Unlike most other haunts pro or not, there was not one nook or cranny that was not 100% done. No matter which way you looked, including up, down (WAY down in some places), behind that corner, behind you, everywhere was DONE, decorated and done well. And they redid 80% of the haunt that year. That is impressive detail for such a short amount of time.

Nothing felt like they just bought a Scarefactory prop and threw it in the corner. Or a hall of just black walls to get you to the next scene. The whole route was a scene.

Big plus being there was not one moment through it all where I ever felt unsafe and you never saw the actors not "ready" to get you.

When I came home I could only describe it as most haunts are like going to the park down the block and Terror on the Fox is like going to Disneyland!

Not to mention these are some of the nicest, down to earth guys in the world. They have every right to be totally cocky, but you can't find a cooler bunch of people!

Dan Faupel
07-05-2007, 10:17 PM
Whoops, hate to bog down the thread with unrelated banter, but look who the cat dragged in! Whats up Julie!!!...saw your name on here and had to reply!...don't think I've ever seen you on here before!

Jim Warfield
07-06-2007, 01:03 AM
As entertainers we must either scare, memorably amuse, or impress the people who buy our tickets from us.
It really makes no difference whether we use a wall, an entire building, a prop, a mood, or some precisely chosen, carefully timed and spoken words .
Naturally these different items require time, energy, sweat, money and various amounts and kinds of some degree of talent.
Stay inspired whether building, planning,or acting and success will tend to follow.
If you are totally inspired by someone else's work please get your brain to hiccup and change the other person's ideas enough so as not to be a blatant copy and the world will be a better place.
Some really great memories have come from unplanned incidents arriving upon the bruised dumpster of accidents and broken devices, missed cues, flubbed lines then requiring immeadiate mental reshuffling.
"Life" IS strange, if you take the time to notice.

07-06-2007, 04:27 AM
This is the thread that never dies. LOL

I've been getting a lot of emails as well as seeing posts listed here.

Hauntworld Magazine 16 is at the printers and 17 is in the works.

We're working on the list for the top attractions now...we'll keep you informed.


Renae Ada
07-12-2007, 02:35 PM
I nominate:
Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, TX. That is my all time favorite. Been going there with my friends for years. Every year, they do something crazier than the year before. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with this year.

07-17-2007, 08:00 AM
I nominate the Cutting Edge Haunted House. My friends and I go there every year and still get totally freaked out every time! It is COMPLETELY wroth every cent. I can't wait to go again this year. whoowhoo! :grin:

07-21-2007, 01:37 PM
I would have to nominate the Trail of Terror in Wallingford CT for the best all outdoor haunt. The trail has some really creative scenes that are based off horror movies. High quality and it will really make you feel like you are in the movie. The sheer size, acting, theme, and creativity that goes into this charity haunt is amazing. The haunt benifits the red cross. www.trailofterror.com

07-25-2007, 01:35 PM
Whoops, hate to bog down the thread with unrelated banter, but look who the cat dragged in! Whats up Julie!!!...saw your name on here and had to reply!...don't think I've ever seen you on here before!

I am a reader unless I have worthwhileg to say... I don't make it on the boards too much and it's been a long time since I posted! I'm making my big forum comeback! Watch out!

07-26-2007, 01:27 AM
My God... I just spent the past two hours looking at websites.

I must say I was most impressed by this Turbidate Manor... I hope I got that right


Some of the haunts or sites people suggested have like no photos or good videos to judge by.

Either way I wanted EVERYONE to know I have reviewed EVERY site, EVERY haunt you have suggested! I've left not stone unturned.

Although we can't include every haunted house we're trying to give more turnover on the list. I hope everyone will be proud of the list we produce and I hope it will help drive interest in haunts in 2007.

The book is closed on this chapter of Hauntworld top 13 list.

We will publish the list soon!