View Full Version : Capture the fear - 3 Infra Red Video Cameras - Stand Alone

09-24-2011, 07:20 AM
Hey All,

I used these last year in our haunt and they work pretty well for the price. They are self contained IR video cameras (vivitar 510n) with SD memory cards, its perfect for haunts because you dont need extra wiring, they are battery powered, just place them, hit record and you are set, it captures pretty decent images of people getting scared in the dark as well as audio. What i did is built little plywood boxes with a "peep hole" for the camera lense, hit record, and just dropped them in during our open hours.

These things retail new for only $50 a piece but dont come with batterys or the SD memory cards. Plus the cost of shipping etc etc.

So for all 3, being only a year old, including batterys and (2) 8gb and (1) 4gb card, i want $120 INCLUDING shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada.

You can email me at info@hauntedhouse.ca or send a PM