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09-27-2011, 10:49 AM
Is everyone getting there orders from ghost ride i cant get them to respond to emails or calls little frustrating

09-27-2011, 07:34 PM
I got a partial shipment about a month ago. Still waiting on my 2 main props. Getting a little close. Try emailing Jaqueline at shippingGhost Ride.com.


09-28-2011, 06:40 AM
From my past experiences, Ghost Ride always comes through. We are waiting for two props from them and we open this Saturday. I am not worried at all. I know they will deliver on the scheduled day. So don't worry Ghost Ride will come through

09-28-2011, 07:30 AM
seriously...the scheduled day isnt before a couple days before opening ??? who does that..??.good luck on that...sounds like someone is in line infront of u...on a positive note..mike hooked us up in june

09-29-2011, 08:57 AM
I have a story as well- we'll see if I need to tell it- SOON.

It burns my soul to even think about having to post this...

09-29-2011, 07:08 PM
My stuff shipped. I will receive it tomorrow. Ghost Rides stuff is too cool not to have it. Good luck all.


10-02-2011, 01:35 AM
Got my stuff 2 hours before opening little close but they came through and the stuff looks great

10-02-2011, 06:57 PM
Our opening night was last night. As we were leaving our house to head down to our location, a van pulls up and its our Ghost Ride shipment. We placed the order with them very last minute. They always come through. :D