View Full Version : What do you want????

the ogre
10-03-2011, 04:40 PM
Now that the attraction is firing on all cylinders the Haunt Tactics team will start on the 2012 line next week. We've learned alot through trial and error this year as well as customer feed back and we are goin to revamp our zombie suits to make them even more manuverable and practicle. with the change to the zombie suits and the addition of one or two more zombies we will be going a differnt direction with the costumes for 2012. Also by popular demand, we will be bringing you a new and highly revamped line of animatronics. all i can say about them is they wont be your run of the mill darkly painted gory monster, but bright in your face eyecatching terror. it may sound like alot to take on for a second year company, but anyone who knows me knows we've always done animatronics, however decided this year to focus on costuming. so this is where i ask you guys, what do you want? what do you need? how can i help you? i know its early in the season but everyone out there always has wheels turning. let HT be your go to place for your haunting needs. let me know. also be on the look out for some in season sales!!!!