View Full Version : Vendors and Customer Agreement for Transworld, let's think ahead

10-04-2011, 09:21 PM
We all seem to have had a slow delivery on one item or another. Although I realize there are numerous reason for this, it still seems to be an issue with more and more companies.

So how can we all come together and be satisfied? Buyer's want their items as promised on delivery dates when ordered and Seller's want their money before delivery. We have talked about an escrow account. I am thinking this might be a good idea.

I think we should put the money in escrow. If it doesn't meet the signed agreement when purchased then there is a discount per month for late delivery. This means buyer's would have to pay up front and seller's would have to discount for disappointment on delivery dates. If it isn't deliveried by end of August then monies are returned. No question asked.

What do you all think? And don't shoot me for talking about this, this is an on going issues we need to get resolved within our industry. And the fact will come up that this is the money they need to order parts, etc, that is what a line of credit is for as most business' use. It would be a win win situation. Then there is no bounced checks, etc on buyers end either.

I've been very fortunate but this year we were cut way to close and had to modify a room because it didn't make it here in time. And they didn't provide the measurements as promised prior to delivery.

So, your thoughts?

10-05-2011, 09:06 AM
I totally agree with you, I'm working on a small project I plan to launch by TW, but may only be at HauntCon for, because I hate negativity and all the crap business on both sides of the industry. That's all I have to say for now, but two thumbs up for trying to settle all of this before it becomes an issue. I have a feeling come November 1st this will pick up popularity.