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10-05-2011, 01:18 PM
If you always wanted a banner on the site but dont' have one now is the time to act... Call Patti today 314 629 3940 or email blacklightminigolf@sbcglobal.net

We will be offering first time advertisers a deep discount because for one you are new, and two because we are at four weeks left.

Call today and we'll get your banner up before Friday.

FYI... Hauntworld right now is averaging about 100,000 visits to our site per day (this is all sites included). Your banner will go up on all the sites. We might jump to 200,000 visits a day I'll keep you posted. But dont 'miss out on the absolute best way to promote your attraction when you consider our target audience and the cost.

Right now I added it up Hauntworld.com has sent Scarefest.com so far about 7,000 clicks (between all sites) With the best four weeks to go I can only imagine how great things will be... do you want to drive traffic we are ready to help you NOW!

We want to show you the results so get a banner today for like a test drive!

Call or email NOW!

10-05-2011, 01:23 PM
As a follow up on Friday visit www.hauntedhousemagazine.com where your banners will also be placed... this site will have a whole new look by Friday. Its awesome! After that www.HalloweenAttractions.com will have a whole new look mid-following week, that site is doing about 10,000 visits per day right now.

After that www.HauntedHouseAssociation.org will have an entire new skin as well... that site is doing 3500 visits per day.

In addition to all that www.HauntedHouseOnline.com will also have a whole new look as well. We are redoing everything.

Hard to believe but www.HauntedHouseMagazine.com will probably end up around 350,000 visits for October. Haunted House Online is on target for about 1 million visits for October... so things are going great.

10-05-2011, 04:19 PM
Im deleting ALL profiles not updated since January 2010. If you have one of those profiles and trust me its about 1000 of them they are getting deleted. Already started the process. If you can't update your profile we will remove them. Already deleted about 400 more ... I have to get an update on a feature once I do boom another 1000 or so will be gone.


10-06-2011, 03:54 AM
www.HauntedHouseMagazine.com (http://www.HauntedHouseMagazine.com) which is actually sending me a LOT of traffic so far this season about 1500 click thrus to my scarefest.com is underoing a massive renovation. If you don't already add your haunt listing to the site. You have to create a unque profile there.

After that www.HalloweenAttractions.com (http://www.HalloweenAttractions.com) is getting overhauled. After that www.HauntedHouseOnline.com (http://www.HauntedHouseOnline.com) is getting the make over... then it will be www.HauntedHouseAssociation.org (http://www.HauntedHouseAssociation.org).

We never stop, we never sleep.

I have been talking to a great deal of haunt owners over the last few days, and everyone is telling me the same thing... Hauntworld.com is right on top for sites sending them traffic under the obvious like Google, and direct hits. Hauntworld.com is sending me tons upon tons of traffic.

If you don't have a banner get one today we are blowing out the windows to get new advertisers on board for the rest of the season.