View Full Version : Costumes for Kids: Featured on National TV & MTV, Halloween Week Outcry and more...

10-12-2011, 11:22 AM
Thank you to those who have helped Costumes For Kids gain such recognition this season.

The program went from almost ending after a 4 year run to stronger than ever.

We have launched a NEW site, and also have been featured now on National TV, MTV, and also have an interview arranged with the AP.

With the exposure it also has increased the out cry of the program to many more organizations.

So if any Haunt, Vendor, or anyone is having a great season we are also looking for More Sponsors to the program to fulfill the needs due to the current exposure.

In exchange Anyone who sponsors at least 300-500.00 will get:

Logo placement on the C4K Website

Logo Placement on the RFR Site

Name Recognition in all C4K promotions, interviews, press

Feature Guest on RFR

45 Second On-Air Commercial on RFR

Logo on all C4K printed materials.

This sponsorship lasts until October 2012. So it really will help you.

We are hoping to gain at least 3-4 New Sponsors to meet the Halloween Week Deadline.

If interested please contact me via Phone at: 262-323-1424


10-25-2011, 02:53 PM
So sad. found out a week before Halloween now, we have to contact two of the organizations for costumes for kids and now say we cannot fulfill the request.

We have been working on getting all the requests out based on the donations made. one of the donations has not materialized yet, so now down to the wire, C4K simple does not have the funds to get the honored requests out. So SAD.

On the upside it has been a fantastic year for Costumes For Kids, great people have stepped up to the plate for the cause, and helped it to continue and save it from closing up.

THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT. The children, youth groups and more are more grateful than they can express.