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Rich Hanf
10-19-2011, 11:16 AM
Happy Halloween everyone…just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a Reality TV show about Haunting and Haunters. It’s called American Haunters and it’s the real deal. Quite some time ago legendary NY Haunter Kevin McCurdy was contacted by AMC (American Movie Classics) regarding shooting a show up by him. During the months of August and September they sent a crew to Kevins Mansion and they shot hundreds of hours of footage.
American Haunters stars Kevin and his crew Devil Boy, Doyle, Holly, and as a special guest star…ME.
What resulted was a show on Haunting that AMC cut into 14 segments (called intersticials). These segments are then dropped into the breaks of movies.
So…starting this past Monday night AMC started running their Fear Fest programming hosted by George Romero. Every night except Sunday (because of Walking Dead) they are running Horror Movies at night starting at 8pm eastern. The first segment of American Haunters was aired this past Monday and t5he second segment was aired last night. The third will be tonight and so on leading up to Halloween when they will air the entire show at once…again hosted by George Romero.
I know that Scare Factory had a show last year, and that Distortions has one on the air right now…but to the best of my knowledge, this is the first Reality TV show that starts real actual working Haunters…not vendors.
Kevin has been a Haunted House innovator for more than 30 years now and with American Haunters he continues to lead the industry. Although American haunters is small compared to what a famous Midwest haunter is doing right now (to be aired in 2012), American Haunters continues to keep us out there in the public eye and paints all of us in a very positive light.
If you want to see all the episodes (except the final one) you can go to www.AMCTV.com click on videos…click on AMC Fear Fest George Romero …and on the right you can click on AMC Mini Doc Haunted Mansion. It’s all there
Check it out and see us on TV.

Hope everyone is having a great and dry season and hope to see you all at the Legendary Haunt Tour in Philly coming up in November.
Rich Hanf

chuck weber
10-19-2011, 06:10 PM
very dissapointed in the lack of new "america haunts" programs (travel channel) and others like it. I will enjoy watching these. thank you for posting this information. the only show so far (new) that I have seen was the weather channel half- hour show TOP HALLOW SCREAMS, which was great except, it shoulda been one hour. if you haven't seen it yet, check it out. they repeat it alot.......