View Full Version : Custom Made Silicone "CLOWN" Mask by Stiltbeast Studios, aka Allen Hopps

Dr Spooktakular
10-20-2011, 10:09 AM
I had this silicone clown mask custom made for one of my actors by Allen Hopps. The mask was worn once for a photo shoot for our haunt, maybe 20 minutes. Pretty much all my actors wear makeup and no one wants to use the mask, so I'm selling it here. Inside the silicone is a mesh to make the mask more tear resistant. It's a custom piece and it's a one of a kind! All offers can be sent to goksucats526@hotmail.com. My goal is to have it sold and shipped by this Saturday.

Karl Berger
10-26-2011, 01:37 PM
How much are you asking for mask?