View Full Version : Craziest year ever for scheduling workers

10-23-2011, 06:14 AM
Without a doubt this was our craziest year ever scheduling workers. This weekend I had several FIRST TIME guys on our haunted trail. Have some long distance truck drivers and a lot of manufacturing guys. Shift changes going from morning to night shift, adding more long distance hauls over weekend, changing jobs, getting jobs has never been such an issue as this year. Felt like we were running our "B" or "C" string last half of season. Get a new guy in...get him polished & coached so he is doing good....next weekend he is starting a new job. HAPPY for my crew that they are able to get longer term employment than I can offer for a several week gig...but dang this was frustrating.

At least customers coming out were happy and full of praise...but I knew we were not at par and that botherd ME. I was actually surprised last night people were rating us so good. It seemed to lose it's flow with so many new guys not as good as keeping flow going over 1/3 mile trail. Need to push some groups...slow down others and it lacked last night. Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist...if people happy..don't fret it.

Wicked Farmer

chuck weber
10-23-2011, 06:02 PM
someone always has SOMETHING to do or has family commitments or whatever. for someone who is totally dedicated to you and is ALWAYS there in a pinch, remember to take care of them. great dedicated workers are sooo hard to find (and keep!) better luck with this issue in the future. it's gotta be tough............