View Full Version : I has been a while...

the ogre
10-25-2011, 10:17 AM
Since ive posted on here, but man have i been busy. i miss all the late night chats that get out of hand and just take a vulgar left turn at the drop of a hat. How are you all doing? how is/was your season? Our season at the Valley of fear has been a great one. our acting has been top notch and had great reviews. This is awsome considering we are in the same market as bates pennhurst and eastern state. for anyone of you going to the Legendary haunt tour myself and the rest of the haunt tactics team will be there. we are donating a large animatronic carnivorus plant. lastly and more excitingly we only have 5 months till TW!!! what is it that you want to see? i for one would like to see all of you. well lets all catch up soon.