View Full Version : Recording Scares What is needed for permission

10-27-2011, 08:53 AM
What wording is needed for a sign stating that we are recording parts of the haunt for a trailer, website clip purpose in order to record some scares at certain points of a haunt. Thanks

10-27-2011, 11:35 PM
If you can place a disclaimer on the tickets that they buy that they may be recorded on the property and that by buying a ticket they are agreeing to be photographed, then that should cover you. This is similar to what the NFL and NBA do when they broadcast games on TV and don't require 400,000 releases.

In general, you just have to ask yourself, "Does a person have an expectation of privacy?" Typically, your fine to record people when on public property. For instance, filming people walking down a city street or park. There is no expectation of privacy when your in public. The only time this dosen't work is:

- You can't photo or video any areas that someone can expect a level of privacy such as bedrooms, bathrooms, changing / dressing rooms, locker rooms, hotels rooms, etc...
- Some public areas that have passed laws banning filming like government buildings, courthouses, subways and other mass transit systems unless you have written permission.
- You can't film or photograph if it interferes with the performance of police, fire or other emergency operations.

Now because the haunt is private property that is open to the public, filming is allowed unless there are signs that expressly forbid recording or photography. Otherwise, your back to the expectation of privacy question. But if you have the permission of the owner to record people, then your fine.