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11-01-2011, 03:15 AM
So the season is OVER... all the results are not yet in but this much we know Hauntworld.com slaughtered the competition according to website tracking services. We saw all the silly ads where a house was squashing a pumpkin, we saw all of it... although I thought it was tacky I said to myself that is okay, after Halloween 2011 I want to see them make the same claim again... that one website was three times bigger than ours. First and foremost that was a bogus claim to begin with but either way... now let the proof speak for itself.

Aside from that let me just say this... I do NOT care about how much bigger or smaller one persons website is over ours or whatever. What I care about is that for what we charge for banners and marketing is worth exactly what you pay if not a ton more. I think for the money we charged we over delivered by 10 miles. I spent every dime we had on a dedicated staff let by Patti, who did nothing each day but work on our site.

I spent thousands of dollars learning tricks, learning facts all about how to improve my sites traffic which in turn sends you business to your door.

Randy Bates told me we sent his site over 25,000 visitors.... I know Hauntworld alone sent my site about 12,000 visitors and this doesn't include HauntedHouseOnline.com, or the big one this year was HauntedHouseMagazine.com which sent me about 3000 visitors alone.

We added feature after feature, we spent dollar after dollar... Hauntworld Inc is BROKE... LOL. I will continue to spend the money, my time, whatever it takes to make sure we do what we can to send YOUR haunt business. Next year I have new idea's new plans, and a new agenda. If another site sent you more traffic, or another site does well for you I think that is great, you should advertise where ever you get the traffic, I'm not against any of the other sites. However I don't appreciate someone who creates ads that clearly mislead people and now if those statements are made again... you'll know there is no proof behind it. Keep in mind we bought NO GOOGLE ads to gain our traffic, this is all simply based on HARD WORK! We are doing a seminar about this at TW.

In the future let all the sites who sell you marketing stand on their own merits without bashing the other sites. Its un-called for! Again keep in mind if you look at the chart below yes we are the bigger site no question, however we placed peoples banners on a host of other sites... HauntedHouseOnline.com got about 900,000 visits on its OWN. HauntedHouseMagazine.com did another 250,000 and HalloweenAttractions.com did another 250,000 so when you add up those three right there it adds up with what Hauntworld.com did ... and we are only talking about October. September was also huge month drawing nearly a million visits between all sites. In total my server was hit for about 4 million visits in October alone ... this is all a record. Hauntworld.com so far for the year is at or about 4 million and will hit almost 5 for the year. November is usually our 3rd biggest month.

Again Hauntworld.com thanks you for your marketing support. We hope we did a good job for you in 2011 and promise to do better in 2012. I would like to apologize for the one day the site crashed and it cost us about 60,000 visitors or so... that was my fault. I hope that never happens again. I keep learning little by little.

GO to www.Alexa.com (http://www.Alexa.com) and compare all the sites you want!
Thanks again. Larry