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11-01-2011, 07:44 AM
I just found this morning that a local man died last night at a local hayride attraction. This was a free event that's been going on in our town for last 6 years is and is geared towards entertaining children. Last night about 9pm an older man (volunteer) near his 60's approached the moving trailer to scare the kids. The man lost his footing and was run over and drug by the trailer. The driver was said to have heard the screams but thought the kids were just scared. The man was transported to the hospital about 3 miles away and pronounced dead at the hospital.

I feel horrible for the man and his family and friends, but can't help but be so angry about what happened. Why was there no one on the trailer to alert the driver to stop, why was the man so close to the moving trailer?

There have been a couple of low budget haunts pop up this year for fundraisers and their lack of safety really irritates me. One nearby town fundraising haunt for their fire department used black poly plastic for walls?!?!!!

Please let me know if there is a good source for safety information that I can pass along to others to help educate them on how safety should be their first priority!!!

Jim Warfield
11-01-2011, 11:02 AM
Some of my Employees were on a haunted hayride in sort of an elete, country club setting, just for kids. One of the patrons was so drunk he could hardly stand up, so he left, drove back at the wagon very quickly, hit the wagon and put at least three people in hospital .
Of course since it was a children's event there had been a "No Booze" policy in effect for that night. To add to the misery since the place was located near a county line, dispacthers were slow and confused as to who to send and the ambulances took 45 minutes to arrive as one man went into shock and could have died.
Sometimes blame is very easy to assign, sometimes not so easy.

11-01-2011, 05:43 PM
One of my new guys this year has worked at a hunted hayride before. They jumped on the wagon as it was moving. He finally had enough of that BS and now works here. Guys were run over but not seriously hurt several times he said.

Wicked Farmer