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11-02-2011, 05:29 AM
Hey guys,

I'm selling the remainder of my haunt stuff. One of the items is this...

Here is the Winged Dragon from ScareFactory. I've had it two years and works like a charm. The lifting rig is not included as I never purchased it but hanging the dragon from the attachment point in the back made it easy to use without the rig. Sound from the factory is included.
Has wing movement, arm movements and head movements.
Everything is in great working order.
Here is the link from the ScareFactory site of the dragon.


I have the wings but couldn't use them because of the space I had when he was set up, but i do have them.
I also have a 4' Peavy Bass amp (with lots of power) with speaker cabinet (2 15" speakers) I'm including with it. Lots of power for a loud roar.

The controller, sound box and solenoids are all mounted on a single wood mount for ease of set-up.

I'm asking $7,000 OBO

I can store it for a little while (end of November) to give you time to pick it up. I do request a deposit if this is the case and of course full payment prior to pick up. I cannot deliver it nor ship it. It's too big and heavy. I'm located in Oklahoma City.
If interested, please PM me.

Here are a couple pics before being put into storage.

I have a few other items to sell so keep an eye out for other postings.

Thank you.

11-02-2011, 05:31 AM
Here are pics of the controller/valve/sound board assy