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11-02-2011, 07:54 AM
For the 2012 season what are your thoughts?

1. Since we only have 4 weekends in October I am typically open only Friday and Saturday nights. I am considering opening either Thursday or Sunday. Any thoughts? I don't want to go into September since we are moving locations and November because we take our crew to another attraction as a thank you for being part of our family. Saw anther thread that mentioned Mondays.

2. What did you hear at the exit polls as your best form of advertising and where you might change your budgeting for advertising next year?

I purchased phrases from a company at 78.00 per phrase per month instead of click throughs. It paid off big time. We were up 1/3 over last year. Very pleased and most of them came from the internet. I also had good luck with referral sites such as Hauntworld, etc.

We didn't seem to fair as well with food this year. Mainly hot chocolate and hot dogs but the food was way down.

3. How about those sales?

4. And what about if you sold merchandise?

11-02-2011, 09:38 AM
We open Fri, Sat, Sun and since last year every night has increased crowd wise compared to last year and the previous night. This wa sour second year. We are thinking of adding an extra hour on sat and sun.
Advertising we put posters in storefronts in nearby towns, flyer coupons, advertised in newspaper, lawn signs, Groupon, radio
Next year we plan on advertising more on Radio, magazines, less flyers, digital billboards, buses,
What do you mean you purchased phrases? How does that work that seemsinteresting.


11-02-2011, 03:10 PM
I purchased phrases such as "haunted houses in PA" "haunted attraction in PA" "haunted house in Pennsylvania". Most people pay by the "click" like .25 to .50 or more per click. I paid $79.00 per month for the phrase and got bumped to the head of the google.com search. Big improvement for traffic from 1 hr or more away. Great thing I found out is they will "park" it for the months I don't need it and hold my spot. Something to look into for next year.

Our billboards were seen but I don't know about affectiveness. They are kinda like print ads, radio, newpaper. Did the digital ones last year and it was a waste of money. Couldn't see them unless you were stopped. If I can say anything, make sure it's at a place like a red light they get stopped at. It is easier and seen moreso than along the highway. We made this mistake.

freak 'n' stein
11-02-2011, 03:30 PM
We did digital this year as well. I liked the look of them, but having to share with 6 or so other businesses made for ours to be seen that much less! In passing, I never actually caught one of ours. We also had print billboards which I saw all over. We got our poll results today and 46% of our marketing was friend referral...second was a tie for web/radio. The least effective marketing was Twitter but we didn't really amp that up!