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11-04-2011, 10:53 PM
This is my first post....I've been lurking for a long time but only recently joined (got tired of not being able to see pics). I just love all the information you share!

After a few years of seriously planning and preparing, and many years of dreaming, we have decided that next year is the one to where we will try to open up a professional haunt. We have been working on different plans based on the location we end up at (indoor, outdoor, mall, etc) so that if one thing falls through, another should work.

We have not yet narrowed down the location but have several areas we have discussed. We just came across something earlier that prompted some discussion and I am curious what others think of the general location - demographics, likelihood of success, etc. It is not a large town but halfway in between a few decent sized ones. We also have many friends in both of those larger cities that will likely be involved (props, acting, etc). We can debate all night long but it would be nice to know what others in the industry think. If anyone cares to share their opinion, the zip code is 30746. It would help us to more realistically rate not just this, but also other locations we have been considering.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to learning even more from everyone!


11-05-2011, 05:58 AM
I'm not from, around, or near any type of big city....so the guys in big areas may disagree with my opinions on this subject, however my haunt will NEVER get any type of foot traffic or "impulse" traffic from someone riding by because we are literally out in the country on a farm. The closest town only has a population of 2000 people. However, we are only 5 miles from I-85, one of the busiest interstates in SC and the connector for Charlotte, NC (1.8 million metro) and Greenville, SC and are about 45 minutes from each. That being said.....most of the people that come from the city get out to the farm and are out so far in the country and its so DARK that they are scared before they even get out of their cars. haha To me....marketing is more important than location. I can save the money of paying high rent or high taxes from being in the city and just use that for more advertising. If you build it and people enjoy it they will drive to come see it and tell their friends and bring them back next year. However, if you're automatically going to be in a city, you want it to be a high traffic location just so that the building advertises itself. Wherever you decide the important thing is to stay there. People want an established area to come back to and not have to "follow" you everywhere you move. Hope this helps.

11-05-2011, 06:08 AM
Welcome! I love this forum. Lots of knowledge here. I am still relatively new.
We opened our Haunt in a small community (pop. 15,000). with lots of community support 4 years ago. We are a non profit haunt raising money for a competitive Taekwondo team. We are an indoor haunt and increase our numbers by about 40% each year. We are just starting to bring in customers from over 80 miles away. We are only open two weekends, but 25% of our customers come both weekends. We still have many customers to reach because the majority are still coming from our own community.
We had lots of free radio ads and our local paper always gives us front page coverage. We need to advertise more in the nearby cities next year.
We are very happy with our growth and a major bank sponsor us now.
Not sure this helps any.

Jim Warfield
11-05-2011, 07:22 AM
YUP! Those city people scared (as they travel seeking a scare) from the dark along the sides of the country roads! I have seen this happen Many times since we are 3 hours due West of Chicago long after those tall bright lights run out.
Furry, running creatures inhabit the roadside! Mysterious creatures to be sure!
I have had fans bring their friends here who would not get out of the car to see my house because of such terrifical roadside terrors! (Maybe the Monte Python Rabbitt with fangs stuck to well in their semi-consciouness?)
"It's small, furry, cute, but it might KILL me, with an ever so painfull method!"
Of course some fears are justified for some of those people, since from the last digit my phone dials to the actual time a local Policeman pulls up at my door might only be 20 Seconds! (And since "Barney Fife" never seemed to do well with the women, he might be of a mind to take out such frustrations upon their carcass once impounded!)
"Build it and they will come" can work ,,, IF they know you are there.
Build it yourself, build and run it "Different" and garner all the free publicity such an undertaking will provide... like I did at Ravens Grin Inn.

11-06-2011, 10:41 AM
Thank you for the thoughts. In Georgia, I'm not even trying to be in one of the bigger cities near Atlanta, just way to expensive. I know I have traveled at times in my life just to visit someplace I heard about and firmly believe in the "build it and they will come" philosophy. It's all about making sure that people hear about it.