View Full Version : What was your best night AFTER Halloween? Friday or Saturday?

11-06-2011, 10:23 AM
Some haunts open up after Halloween to help with the overflow that didn't want to brave the lines before hand. We do, but only one night, as most the traffic only needs one night. The few times we were open both Friday AND Saturday, we got great numbers on Friday, but not Saturday. However, Saturday's are usually better nights than Friday. So I figured most the people who were going to come came the first night it was open, but they would have come Saturday if that was the only night.

What I'm wondering now is if we ONLY did it Saturday, would the traffic be better than just doing it Friday? Doing both nights seems overkill, and it prevents me from being able to attend any other haunts that are open after Halloween.

So if you could ONLY do it Friday or Saturday, which would you recommend? Which night seems to bring in the most victims if you have AFTER Halloween nights?