View Full Version : Scarefactory Annual November After Season Sale

11-06-2011, 04:15 PM
Thank you again to everyone who continued to purchase from The Scarefactory, in 2011 and we hope everyone had a successful season!

We are once again having our November after season blowout and we are motivated to provide our clients with every incentive possbile to order now.... keeping our crews busy over the winter and taking the pressure off of the summer production schedule.

Have us quote an order today to show you just exactly how much you can save by ordering Now....
Saving 25% or more Off of anything ordered before November 30th with larger orders receiving even larger discounts.

This is our absolute lowest pricing of the year and as of January 1st we aniticipate between a 10%-15% price increase to cover rising material and labor costs, so order now before the price increase.

Receive your product early as orders begin shipping the first of the year.

Email us at Scarefactory@msn
or call today (614) 252-8000
and have us quote your new Scarefactory gear for the upcoming season.

David Fachman
The Scarefactory, Inc.