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Gore Galore
11-13-2011, 03:29 PM
I couldn't help but come on here and say how much I enjoyed attending the legendary Haunt tour.

Jen, the transworld crew, plus the netherworld crew. Thank you for bringing this to our industry. It benefits all of us just to have events like this to attend. And as a vendor. To not have to exhibit so I could just enjoy myself.
It was an amazing experience to get to see behind the scenes at these incredible events.
Shocktoberfest: The time and attention to detail in how they put together their productions. These were NOT just scares. These were very well thought out and achieved scripted performances in each of the building scenes on the Hayride. All the different events were great, but I was especially blown away by the production value of the hayride. Plus it was nice getting to see our products used in such a theatrical manner. AND it was completely obvious the actors were just excited and pushing themselves to deliver for us. thanks Pat.

Pennhurst Asylum: The Environment, well just amazing. What they have done with this event is great. But you can just tell the future has much to hold for this event. It will continue to grow year by year.

Eastern State Penn: again what an amazing location. You can tell alot of thought has been put into how the event is set up. The way the attractions lead through to an open vend area for people to buy merch, food and drink. It is just so comfortable to just sit down and take in what you just experienced. Alot can be learned from how this attraction is designed.

But the most I got out of this was being able to spend time with other haunters before and after hours, drinking, talking, and developing ideas without having to vend or having any other responsibilities other than getting to be inspired by what I saw and what we talked about.

So, thank you to all the haunters I spent time with, and thank you again to Transworld for doing this for our industry.
I will see you again next year.....without hesitation!

11-13-2011, 06:14 PM
The tour was a lot of fun, I had a good time seeing old friends and making new ones and it's a great way to wrap up the season and unwind. Looking forward to next year!


the ogre
11-14-2011, 04:23 PM
The Haunt tactics team was invited by jen to pennhurst to present the winner of the prop we donated with the picture and specification of what they won. even though we were very late( were only an hour away) it was a great time. Again, jen thank you very much for letting us be a part of this, it was outstanding. Timmer, thanks for letting me know about this opportunity and encouraging me to donate. Lastly, Randy bates and his crew. These guys did a haunt right. the magnatude that is pennhurst is jawdropping. there is no other place ive seen with such a menacing look to it. I do have to say this the tours of the haunts were mind blowing but i implore each and everyone of you to attend this event if only for the campfire panel Q&A. The best and brightest in this industry pour their brain and hearts out for the good of this industry. i learned more in a half hour about the haunting aspect of the industry than i have in 10 years of doing this. Like i said, we only got to experiance the haunt tour for one night, but it will be somthing i remember forever.