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11-21-2011, 09:58 AM
How many of you got a lawyer to dot the Is and cross the Ts with your rules an regulations or did people just use a list from Ken or another place?

11-21-2011, 10:09 AM
If you are thinking this protects your liability exposure, most of that is smoke and mirrors. In general you can't remove a person's rights with regard to compensation for loss by posting a sign. If you are thinking for you own piece of mind and safe, efficient operation, then I dont see where a need for a lawyer. The release of liability that I have all participants (or their parents) sign was prepared by a lawyer. Still, it is not blanket protection, just a deterent.

11-21-2011, 10:13 AM
Probably should qualify the previous note. This response is for a small start up. If you get to the point of a large operation, a lawyer will become useful in many areas: liability, contracts, labor law, tax law, etc.

11-21-2011, 01:06 PM
Good points. Thanks for clarifying as well. I think some of us, (both vets and noobs) forget sometimes the crowd we're hanging with. All the rules change from noob status to GOD-Like! What I mean is, well for our neighborhoods, minus the Horror in the Hollow, we're all peanuts man. No full rooms decor'd out, just black with drop panels etc. In fact, NO ONE around here has ANY animatronics! At all! SO! When you go from THIS stage, to full blown ATTRACTION... yeah, I can see where a Liar err Lawyer would come into play. Especially since you're making big bucks, just throw that fee into the mix. I guess the difference would be going from 3,000 patrons to 30,000! MANY MORE TIMES the chances of b/s happening.

Truth be known that any of those signs and letters that you sign doesn't TRULY release anyone from anything. I've seen folks get sued after having the plaintiff sign a release form. It seems that Doctor's are the only ones who have a true release tha works.

So I agree, mainly used as a Deterrant. Lawyer's would be good to have in the know though. Find one, talk to one, pay a consultation fee, and follow up once in a while. Think of the fees as an investment. When you get to "know" them, and them you, when you DO need one, he'll be familiar with you and since you've gotten the ball rolling earlier, it could mean discounts, extra hard work etc from them. But then, they're all lawyers :P

My .25c worth. My wife works for a lawyer btw, so I hear lots of stories. No names mind you... that'd be illegal :P

Jim Warfield
11-21-2011, 11:30 PM
That signing some waiver doesn't protect.. .. then I took my Spookmobile to the drag strip on Jan. first and I had to sign my name on a long piece of paper(disclaimer) that everyone having a car on their track that day had also signed. My name just on one line, just like all those others. This gives the race track some kind of protection??
So it was January first , cold, sunny day, race any car you want for just $10.oo
I was very surprised at least one guy that I saw race did not get killed that day.
He was on a bike that went about 130 in that 1/4 mile and the track's traction was at an all-time low because it was so cold that day, yet he was giving it all, burning rubber, squealing , smoking, getting slightly sideways, very quick!
I was not the only person feafull for him that day either, others remarked about these conditions and the way he ran it.
The guy who brings you up tight to the starting line looked truly puzzled when he saw my Spookmobile(A 1989 Olds station wagon with shark fin on the roof, big shark mouth full of teeth, eyes popping out from the hood, ex cetra.. )I said to him:"Haven't you ever seen a "Funny Car" before?
At the end of that summer I got free advertising from my $10 race fee when they printed their fall program for October with a picture of my car on it's cover! How About That?

11-22-2011, 07:04 AM
HAHAHA! Awesome story. "...wassa matta? Never saw a funny car before?" Classic.

I love drag racing. Yes, we have George Ray's Wildcat Dragstrip here in Paragould, AR. Basically the last true heads-up drag racing track around. They all have the waivers, and there's been accidents and almost sued over. The reason why the lawsuits didn't fruit wasn't because of that paper, I promise you. It was ruled as driver's fault, nothing else. The paper didn't release the company from nothing, yet they said their lawyer's still require it. I guess that's IN CASE it were to be helpful at some point. Plus, I've been around a lawyer or two. There's always evidence or testimonies that they KNOW will get tossed out, but the fact that they were brought up and mentioned is the only thing they needed in the strategy. If it's a Jury, the judge can say "the jury will disregard that piece of evidence" as much as he likes but unless they have the men in black there with the flashy thingy, THAT IMAGE IS STUCK IN THEIR HEADS!!

BTW: What kinda times did you get with the Spookmobile?

11-22-2011, 08:43 AM
I'd be more concerned with securing a good quality CPA before a lawyer. I'm spoken with both and was able to get more information (and more helpful information) out of the CPA.