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Jim Warfield
11-26-2011, 06:34 PM
For haunt-work?
This last Fall I bought some small, yellow plastic flashlights sold by the Bayco Co. out of Texas.
Menards had them, but now they don't? I really am impressed by the light they make and how long the batteries can last , how light and small they are (they come in numerous sizes) but what I Really like about them is you don't have to wear out the micro switch to turn them off and on all night long.
The lense is in an oval small opening that is thumb--sized, I just put my thumb over it as I wrap my fingers around the rest of it and it is "Lights OUT!"
If I have it turned off and I am going to sudddenly light up things in conjunction with the scare I press the switch down, hold it there, then slide my fingernail off the switch and it's on very quickly, smoothly, quietly.

Allen H
11-26-2011, 07:11 PM
Which one was it Jim?
I like the 9 LED flashlights that are everywhere now- they are brightenough and can clip onto your pocket.

11-26-2011, 08:42 PM

Used this one this past season. Put in Ultimate Lithium batteries in it at the beginning of the season and never had to change them. Super bright, will light up a room if you point it to the ceiling. Made to withstand the elements and abuse. And won't break the wallet. About the size of a marker.

Jim Warfield
11-26-2011, 11:28 PM
The ones I'm talking about are much cheaper than any prices listed on the web site.
They sold a package of a 4 battery flashlight plus a very small single battery flashlight that is the size of a Bic Lighter yet throws a lot of light for a long time on one AAA battery.
Then they sold the two battery AAA flashlight in a package by itself.
The smallest one is the one I can just put my thumb over the lense and shut it off.
All three of these lights have a second lense out the side of the light so you can stand it up on it's end, turn on the second light and have a small table light to read by or walk holding the "stick" straight out from your hand with the side light pointing straight down, making it easier on the eyes.
I have three sizes of these yellow Bayco little flashlights. Maybe they were closeouts?
Seems like it. The basic design flaw in almost every flashlight with the led bulbs is the flimsey rack to hold the three batterys which usually doesnot survive many battery swap-outs. The little yellow Bayco offerings had none of this, they instead have very precise locations which you slide the batterys into very snuggly all part of the basic body of the flashlight itself, not a seperate concoction of springs and a weak plastic yoke affair.
Then a very precicse little hatch slides into place and stays put to hide the batterys.

Allen H
11-27-2011, 01:35 AM

Jim Warfield
11-27-2011, 05:59 PM
We ordered some of them today from your post. Thank You, Allan!
These are the two I carry in my pockets during my house tour. The small one is so small and light I sometimes spend time looking for it and it's right where I last put it.. in my shirt pocket!
The big one throws great amounts of light. When it begins to fade I usually only have to re-charge one of the batteries (and I know which one it is!)

11-29-2011, 01:42 PM
i strongly recommend a head lamp! nothing is worse than trying to screw a drop down scare back together, hold a flash light, and weave in and out sight of customers.

using both hands to fill foggers, generator, fix costumes etc. etc. best of all, they're bright LED, often come with multiple settings (some even with red LED), and they are CHEAP!


Jim Warfield
11-29-2011, 08:45 PM
For when work has to be done in the dark.
I used to use the small Workhorse flashlight and most of them had my dental imprints on the handle!
Over ten years I bought cases of them, then they quit selling them, then they began selling them again(Yeah!) but they weren't quite as good as the original models, they changed a few small parts that seemed to fail quicker.
I sent that Company a letter after the first couple of years, I was so happy with their product I asked if they needed a "Flashlight Poster-Boy?" "ME!"

I bought a small, rechargable flashlight that plugged into 120v. outlet and it worked very well.. after about a year it didn't hold a charge long enough anymore, I returned to the Coast to Coast Store, bought it's identical twin product... and it was never as good as the original one, I quit using it after just a short time, it wouldn't hold a charge very long.....
OPEN almost every night of the entire year, I depend upon a flashlight a lot here the way I do the house tour.