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12-01-2011, 01:43 AM
This isn't confirmed yet... but we might do something with our trailer haunt and hayride out at Creepyworld. I talked to Rich Strelak and he's agreed to do a live seminar at Creepyworld and show you how a trailer haunted house works. I have one... its actually pretty awesome but most of the props would not be put out and we wouldn't open open... you could however see how you build a trailer haunted house. Is anyone interested in this?

As for as the hayride goes we might work with Greg and do his Zombie Safari where you shoot zombies with paint ball guns... I wanted to see if anyone would want to see this in action?

We could do this if people want to see it.


12-01-2011, 07:12 AM
I'm in Larry. The trailer haunt concept is something I am looking into for our add-on attractions. I would love the opportunity to tour it. Thanks.


12-01-2011, 11:00 AM
We will sign up for the seminar.

12-01-2011, 01:34 PM
I am also interested in it.....

12-01-2011, 01:46 PM
We want to do something different with this tour... Transworld asked us to do it again. I was NOT going to do it honestly, and they said they really wanted us to do it so we did. I think after this tour we would have run out of things to change at Darkness so ...

The changes we are making to Darkness will be unreal however I was looking around and couldn't really find anything else I want to change so unless we can do something outrageous don't want to do this again... I'm not planning any massive overhaul to Darkness and that is the only way we can really do yet another event.

So when we were sitting around trying to think up some new idea's for this year this came up. Gregg wants to do a Zombie Paint Ball event, so I thought heck you could do that at Creepyworld. Rich can do the trailer haunted house thing I've been saying forever.

We would make it part of the LEMP ticket probably ...

We would re-do one entire trailer for this event prior to the tour... so it would be updated. I just want to know what would anyone think of that...shoot zombies with paint balls and tour a trailer haunted house ...

12-01-2011, 04:16 PM
Man that sounds fun, but I've been an avid paintballer. Rec-baller, not tournament. The only concerns I'd have is

1. Ammo. Man, guests would RIP through some paint and air. It'll cost ya a bit to keep them up. So you'd have to find a way to limit shots, maybe use pumps or some slow semis. nothing electronic, even if you could set the BPS rate really low, the hair triggers even an ION would have could get patrons shot.

2. Which brings me to my next point. Safety. We don't like to see ANYTHING paintball related being done wrong. I've seen a few events like at fairs where ppl could try to cover a full pie plate with X many balls. The thing is, I've seen, witnessed, was there, for 2 accidents where ppl were playing with the guns and it went off and hit someone. The fairs I saw this at, didn't enclose the area with netting, and didn't make ppl wear a set of goggles.

3. The zombies. If they're alive, or alive'ish, they'd need facial protection as well.

I'm sure you've probably thought of all of these points, but was just letting my $1.25 hit the market.

You could MOUNT markers on the hay ride in a manner that they CANNOT be aimed anywhere but outwards from the trailer. I don't know, but I don't think it's going to be a little more difficult than first conceived, in my head anyways. All in all, sounds fun as heck. Don't know what we'd have to do to get signed up but we would if were able! lol.

Edit: Also, I just realized you may be meaning just for Haunters. But I'd still be considering safety issues. You just never know what someone will do... as you know already with doing a haunt :P

Haunted Yard Props
12-01-2011, 04:51 PM
I would be interested in seeing these seminars / educational experiences.

12-01-2011, 09:04 PM
We have operated out Zombie Safari Paintball attraction for 2 years now without any incidents or injuries. Our paintball guns are mounted to the trailers and we control the propulsion system. You will be given a predetermined amount of paintballs to shoot our Zombies. The Zombies will be live actors in custom made suits that we made just for this purpose. Obviously they have paintball helmets with masks fastened to them. Come check them out at our booth.
I understand your safety concerns and we have made every effort to provide a safe and fun attraction for ALL ages.
We will have a booth at TW displaying our products and look forward to giving you the opportunity to try it out first hand at CreepyWorld for a truly interactive attraction.
See you at the show and at CreepyWorld!

Fearfest Haunted Attractions

12-02-2011, 06:58 AM
Cool, sounds like you got it all taken care of :P I'm definately going to have to try and make it to some of these events you guys are talking about. 2012 will be our first year and I'm doing everything I can to get it done. Eventually I want to be huge and do the things you all are talking about.

I'd love to see the suits for the zombies.

Thanks for the reply.


RJ Productions
12-02-2011, 11:51 PM
Obviously I think it's a good idea!!! But there is one draw back.... If i'm tied up with the seminar at the trailer haunt....how do I get to shoot Zombies?????

We'll have to think through how to accomplish it, depending on how many people sign up. Seminar then tour, ..tour then seminar.... maybe meet first then tour then seminar?????

If we can get some input first from you guys, we can tailor the event to best meet your needs!


12-03-2011, 08:59 AM
Maybe I missed it but what day or days are the trailer haunt going to be offered? I don't think I will be able to fly in til Friday.

12-03-2011, 04:03 PM
It will be Friday night same time as Lemp. Its all timed ticketing. There will be buses that will take you to Lemp or the hayride paint ball event.