View Full Version : Another big thanks to RFR!

04-18-2007, 09:42 PM
I just wanted to publicly thank Jonathan at Rotting Flesh Radio for mentioning the big news about Heartstoppers Haunted House on his show. I never asked him to bring it up, and honestly didn't think too many people would be interested. But that being said, it was really great to hear us and The Haunting Fields mentioned on the air.

I'm not sure where he even got all his info, I think I mentioned it once on the Chat Graveyard, and he took that little tidbit of info and ran with it! It just shows the all effort and heart he puts into his program each week, just for the love of the industry.

Thanks again Jon!!

Support RFR!!


04-19-2007, 09:28 AM
Joel I think Jonathan at www.Rottingfleshradio.com does an AMAZING job of getting the word out. In all honesty HE IS AMAZING!