View Full Version : Kelley Doyle Childrens Christmas Foundation - RIP

12-16-2011, 02:38 AM
If you can see what you can do to help out here... Kelley Doyle recently passed away he was a very young man who just loved life to the fullest. He was part of Kevin McCurdy's haunted mansion team who actually helped me on several projects. He worked here at The Darkness, he helped us with projects all over the country. Its very sad to see this 'goofball' go... LOL. This guy was a clown, he liked to play jokes on people, he had a smart mouth always intended to make you LAUGH that is why I call him a goofball. Man I think anyone who knew this guy would tell ya always cracking jokes, always dishing out the insults, always horsing around, just don't know why this happened. It makes no sense... anyone he can also be see on that AMC American Haunter. Please do what you can to help out with their new foundation. This was a real haunter here... he loved it!


12-16-2011, 06:58 AM
Thanks Larry for putting this up. I hired Kelly this past April to help with a new project we were doing and we worked together all summer, with in about two weeks he went from the guy I hired to a good friend that I just liked hanging out with, but thats the kind of guy we was , he's someone you just wanted to be friends with.

If anyone out there can help please do, he was a true haunter , he loved what he did and knew how to have fun doing it, Kelly you are missed more then you know and I can't believe we won't be working together again.

From your Philadelphia/Wildwood friends Your missed so much.