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12-20-2011, 09:41 AM
In my list of things to accomplish for 2012 is ways to market more target groups. One idea I had was to offer packages to corporate groups. Or offer corporate nights. I have a number of these type of markets available in my area. I was wondering if any of you guys have done this and any advice you have will be appreciated.



12-21-2011, 03:16 AM
We didn't arrange anything through corporations, but we did offer to a few large sport teams ( pre-arranged) VIP fast pass upgrades for the price of a regular ticket. Both teams accepted.
I know another Haunt arranged a bus for a large group. Not sure if it was profitable or a goodwill gesture.
I would also like to hear ideas. The company I work for full time, hire event planners to arrange team building ideas for our Sales teams when there is a conference in our town. Perhaps meet with your local event planners and provide a package for those folks.

12-21-2011, 04:56 AM
We offered a corporate rate of $1 off if the companies let us put our posters in their break rooms and by their time-clocks. All the employees had to do was show their employee badge and they got a $1 off. We focused on large manufacturing plants with 100 employees or more.

One company that has a large employee committee actually bought 500 tickets from us to resell and they took care of the cash on their site. No risk to us, we already got paid for the tickets whether they were used or not. This company also used the tickets as give-aways for production or quality awards.

Jim Warfield
12-21-2011, 08:59 AM
I guess I might be one or the other?
We sometimes have a bus load come here and it's usually not in-season, so we have to hire back employees to make this happen, which costs us more money. Sometimes we end up paying the help more than we should because the bus gets lost or the driver and the chapperone are arguing about how to get here, so No there will be no discounts.
Any larger group has about three times the capacity to cause noticable problems, like extereme drunkeness, vandalism, thinking they can get away with doing anything because they are shielded, protected by the rest of the group.
"Oh, our group are all Policemen and the Captain is coming with us so we will HAVE To BEHAVE!"
WRong! Drunken people deciding to climb on things that had never been climbed on before by anybody for any reason=Crash!
Doing harder work for less money? No thanks.
Putting up with more B.S. for less money? No Thanks.
I have learned many lessons here in 25 years and unfortunately almost everytime I gave someone any kind of a discount, they would be the worst group I would have as far as all of the extra-ciricular baloney goes.
No discount, behave like it's worth every cent you are paying to be in here. Because I say that it is.
I understand and I am not comparing your "Apples" to my"Orange", totally different things except difficult customers are the same everywhere when that occurs.
This is my 2cents worth-no discount.

Chad Portenga
12-21-2011, 09:24 AM
I know another Haunt arranged a bus for a large group. Not sure if it was profitable or a goodwill gesture.
I would also like to hear ideas. The company I work for full time, hire event planners to arrange team building ideas for our Sales teams when there is a conference in our town. Perhaps meet with your local event planners and provide a package for those folks.

We used to work with a popular radio station to be included in their haunted bus tour. They gave their riders 3-5 haunts plus transportation for one price. The main problem was that by the time they got here, you had a large number of drunk people, stumbling and falling into actors and being disruptive. We decided a couple years back that it wasn't worth the hassle and cost. We've chosen to market heavily in other ways to make up for the bus load we lost and found that it wasn't to hard to make those numbers back up.

Jim Warfield
12-21-2011, 11:12 PM
A haunted hayride came up with an idea. they wanted to share with us their list of names of organizations, clubs, groups that always bought large blocks of tickets from them every year.
I guess the person saying this was just one of those people that like to hear themselves talk.. as they lie, to try to get someone else all excited over the B. S, they happened to be spewing at that moment?
Never happened.
Oh, well?

Question? What percentage of your customers are coming to your place drunk?
What percentage of drunkeness are they? Too drunk, Way too drunk or just silly?
We try to keep any screaming, staggering drunks out, because they are in the house for a long time, a very long time if we have to tolerate that kind of behavior and problem making.
My life needn't be that tough, no thanks.
I have never wanted to own a tavern.

12-22-2011, 07:03 AM
For this year we noticed that the families/well-behaved good customers came early in the night and had fun and didn't cause any problems whatsoever and on Fridays there were very few drunks as well (high-school football is huge here so I think they were all there, haha) However, Saturdays probably 70% of anyone that came after 9:00PM had been drinking and most of them were drunk. Only a few of them caused problems but when you scared them or talked to them you could just smell it all over them. Most of them were pretty brave too as most of them wanted to talk to the sheriffs deputy on their way out to their cars. We even had a lady form a new driveway into our parking area through a ditch. haha If we noticed them causing problems and being loud in line we sent an extra staff member, sometimes myself, through the whole attraction with them. This cut down on their want to tear things up. I was surprised at the number of tailgaters too.....people would come up and buy their tickets and then go back and sit in their cars and drink. We picked up trash bags full of beer cans and mini bottles after the weekend was over. I would love to "outlaw" drunks but we couldn't make it without them and as long as they are well behaved drunks I don't mind, it's the ones that want to fight all of the actors that find themselves led out an emergency exit. The local festivals outlawed coolers/alcohol and went from having 40,000 attendees to 7,000 attendees.....now all of the vendors etc. want the drunks back!

Jim Warfield
12-22-2011, 07:34 AM
OVer all the years that I have been open (Nightly). I needed even penny I could get from my haunt business so I tolerated drunks, babysat them for hours to get them through my house, cleaned up after them.. but I like to think that eventually enough of them realised it was no fun coming here plastered because it takes long enough to traverse my show let alone if your mental and physical co-ordination is chemically compromised!
I was needy enough that I would accommodate them at all odd, late hours. I finally got groups who purposely came here late.. to have a good time and they were sober! Maybe I wore them down?
I have always attempted here to entertain people, make them laugh, mentally stimulate them, much moreso that simply make them scream, maybe they eventually realised this too?
I wonder how much attendance would drop at other venues like baseball and football games, Stock Car racing, if alcohol was removed from the "Something to Do Menu" of those events?
So are those things Really That popular then?
I have always said that my biggest "competition" is a can of beer, which also competes for the same dollar if the customer has limited funds.
"We were going to go to your house, but two of the guys wanted to get drunk instead."
There is a JC haunt that closes at 9 or 9:30 because they are avoiding the drunks, they open at 7!?