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12-20-2011, 04:48 PM
SEO Encore will be at booth 631 at the Transworld Halloween Show in St. Louis on March 8-11. Right down the main stretch of the show floor on the way to the Dark Zone.

Learn about the recent changes in the Search Engine optimization market and how to rank #1 on google.

I have started working with several haunted houses already that understand that the early they start the better, and the more they get for their money.

Contact me at nick@seoencore.com or 1-800-988-SEO4 if you would like a free consultation.

Seoencore.com (http://www.seoencore.com)

01-07-2012, 12:16 PM
Hey everyone, i talked last year about a big social media campaign we were running for our haunted houses, and now we have 28,000+ fans and didn't spend a penny on ads!

if you are interested in learning how we did this, or would like to learn how to get your haunted house to rank #1 on google for your city or state, give us a call or email today.


01-07-2012, 05:33 PM
I wish you the best and this is not to be negative in anyway. But I rather have 4000 true fans on my page then 40,000 who are just there! The numbers never impress me it's the true fans you amass that does. I mean I can see anyone just joining but true fans is what I like and this is just my opinion! Shane and it's wishing you the best at TW! Shane

01-07-2012, 06:42 PM
agree and disagree. when you post something on your fan page, your message is shown on about 1-10% of your fan's news feeds and the more LIKES and COMMENTS that it gets the more news feeds it shows up in and the higher chance it becomes a highlighted story. So what we are finding is that even though all of our fans are "die hard true fans" they approve of our haunt and like hearing updates. SO essentially %10 of a 3000 fan page means around 300 people are going to see your post. Where %10 of a 30,000 fan page is 3000 meaning your true fans get a higher percentage of seeing your message, and you have the potential to convert those just following you into real fans.

The other aspect is that you use it as a tactic to show legitimacy. When people visit our website or fan page they see we have this many fans and hopefully see some of their friends on the friends list and they trust that its a good quality event.

01-07-2012, 07:15 PM
Well you have a point I suppose. You need to show examples of haunts that your plan has worked on. Shane and it's I have to think on this one! Shane

01-07-2012, 07:28 PM
I HAVE STUMPED THE GREAT SHANE! hhaha my life is complete.
or i have at least bought myself some time to come up with some more info.

as for example, my haunt The Fear Experience is the only one that i have done this for because it is such a large and time consuming process.
When i announced that i got our fan page so large, i had a few people ask me within the hour offering THOUSANDS to do the same for their haunt, its powerful stuff.

The concept essentially allows you once you are done to hit all 30,000 of these fans with "ADS" for your haunt. Even though they aren't die hard, or true fans they took the time to like your page and now you have the opportunity to convert them to true fans.

And step you through the process, you can also do the same process WITH ads and speed it up but not have to spend thousands.

I have examples of my Search Engine work within the industry, however the list is not publicly placed anywhere, i can show you it during a consultation.
Dealing with people's competition, none of my current clients want their competitors to know they are doing SEO or they will start hiring a company to do it and it will cost them more money.

01-07-2012, 07:37 PM
Hopefully you will get some good contact and make some money. Bottom line I like to see young people make money. Shane and it's go getem! Shane

01-07-2012, 07:38 PM
thats it! thanks man! see you at transworld!