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12-22-2011, 07:02 AM
First off, long story short, my wife works for a couple of lawyers, no a COUPLE... they're married. So anyways, through her job, they get to meet awesome people, and one of them happens to be a VERY NICE lady that runs a higher end real estate agency. She said "A haunt? Awesome! I think I can help..."

Second. Longer story shorter... our day care is moving. We joked about doing a haunt in that building, because it's already haunted for one! Seriously, we've gone in to drop off our daughter and passed a door and it slammed right beside us. Scared the crap out of us, and that door NEVER moves. No draft, no one opened a door, it was a sealed room! Anyhow, the real estate lady? She HAS THAT BUILDING! She's going to try and get us in it.

Thing is, I think the building has standard 8' ceilings except for one huge room. Ohh, by the way... it use to be a church! The largest room has vaulted ceilings up to about 12'. That room is like 30' x 40' by itself (sometime after the church they split the auditorium or w/e it's called.). Just walking through it this morning, I counted a guestimated 7 rooms we could possibly do, just on the left half of it! The parking lot is owned by the lady. It has 200 spots or more. AND we've got Nidec, a factory beside it that we can use for parking as well.

Progress: We've basically got the haunt planned out as far as story and theme. Which I may make a different thread and see what you guys think about it. Also, I just spent about $500 on ebay and other sites getting some masks for the actors. I can't remember how many we got but it's going to be enough I think, at least for our first year.
Also got a bunch of tools bought as well, stuff I won't have to borrow anymore, like miter saws, carving tools etc.

We're getting excited! So I think I've probably bored you long enough. Thanks for reading. Post any thoughts or questions, would love to share.


Duke of Darkness
12-22-2011, 09:43 PM
Good news. I hope it comes together for you.