View Full Version : wooden prop suggestions ????

01-16-2012, 07:08 PM
we are a new company just started last year built the standard coffin electric chair stock guillotine tombstones need more suggestions sold out of everything last year everyone wants us back our products

1.coffin 50$
2.guilotine 100$
3.electric chair $60
4. latern holder 45$
tombstones $10

thanks everyone J.R Industries

01-16-2012, 07:50 PM
Details are always cool! moss from dollar tree always adds to the effect of aged things, especially tombstones.

What about columns? You can make an 8 ft stone column by taking a piece of plywood and making 4 1'x8 strips and hinging them so you can fold them into a column and then do some good detailed painting of either cobblestone or brick, and you can even do wooden archways, those would be neat for the neighborhood people! :) you can do like the last names of the families who buy them and whatnot written across the archway, that'd be cool! I'm sure youd get the more local home Halloween enthusiasts excited!

Twin Locusts
01-16-2012, 08:41 PM
Do you have a link to photos of your work?

What about a gimmick stack of crates for a startle scare. build a large box at the bottom maybe 4' x 4', then 3'x3', then 18"square at the top. All three boxes are attached - bottom box top to middle box bottom, middle box top to top box bottom - the top two are one unit that is actually split from corner to corner into two triangular halves with hinges on one of the vertical seams so they open like a sideways clam shell. An actor climbs inside peers through the crack until someone get's into the scare zone then pushes the top two boxes open for the scare.

Jim Warfield
01-17-2012, 12:42 AM
Make some realistic looking wooden legs as in "Pirates!" Just seeing such things laying around as props is wierd to many people, they could also be put on a skeleton in a coffin to make it look different or more strange, (authentic?")
Make a wooden leg for the cartoon character from the Far Side cartoon of the peg-leg pirate Captain who is a snake!
One short snake atop a single straight pole strapped to him, balancing there wearing a small pirate hat and a patch on one eye!
I was given a prostetic leg. I displayed it in a hole in the wall, cabled in place to keep people from carrying it off.
When a teenager I was "exploring " an abandoned farmhouse. I opened up a bedroom closet and standing there was a wooden leg, straps and all. Very eerie!! If that old leg could talk!
I was happy not to see it the rear view mirror on the way home, although it would have made the local rabbitts jealous.
I guess I'm not a "Leg Man".