View Full Version : Female butchered torsos and prop hammers for sale

01-18-2012, 02:42 PM
Hello friends,

we have a couple of props we want to share with you guys.. one is the used butchered female life-size foamfilled latex torso selling now for only 84.98 shipped-
and the other is a urethane hand-hammer $36.98 Shipped.Used only 1 night last year.
http://gorefxproductions.com/gorefxproductions_013.htm (http://www.gorefxproductions.com/gorefxproductions_013.htm)

Items will be shipped via USPS (USA only)

Email me with any questions.
Thanks alot for checking it out!

02-20-2012, 02:33 PM
Thanks guys , the torso has been sold, all we have left is the foam hammer used 1 night, still in good shape. Thanks and take care.